Yumna Leghari

7.5 / 10

What Do You See When You Dream? is a solid debut LP and After Osmosis has a promising future ahead of them. Keep tabs on these guys!
on Jun 12, 2016
We spoke with Tayo Branston, powerhouse drummer of Vancouver, Canada's nine-piece band Five Alarm Funk, regarding their upcoming tour, Pledge Music campaign, and band history.
on Jun 07, 2016

7.5 / 10

The Bones of a Dying World is exactly what you would expect from If These Trees Could Talk, and will appeal to those who appreciate continuity.
on May 30, 2016
Tokyo Police Club, the ever-reliable indie rock band, brings its listeners a swift and concise 5-track EP just in time for feel-good Summer moments.
on May 21, 2016
Read our interview with Television Rd; singer Sara "Sticky Sweet" Ostrowska and keyboardist Daniel Collins get weird... and give us insight into their band of rockers.
on Sep 28, 2015
Without vocals, If These Trees Could Talk manages to dredge up killer emotions and nostalgia through complex guitar work and precise percussion. The band tells a story with every song, which they let the listener write and interpret within their own mind.
on Feb 03, 2015
Danijel Losic (guitar, vocals) and Brandon McKenzie (bass) provided some insight into the importance of album aesthetics and the live atmosphere that Holy Mount likes to create for its audience.
on Dec 27, 2014
Nick Sturz gives us some insight into the journey towards the creation of "These Hands" and discusses how the difference between their debut album and the new EP is "day and night."
on Dec 17, 2014
West Virginia instrumental stoner rock legends, Karma To Burn, will bring their bong-ripping riffery and glassy-eyed grooves to the stage next month on a mammoth live expedition.
on Dec 10, 2014
Shyy bassist, Kevin Nock, recently took some time to provide insight into the vision and creativity behind Shyy, and discussed the value of live music.
on Dec 10, 2014
The Whitby, Ontario-based trio known as Busker Bros offers a psychedelic tone which breaks down into rhythmic guitar riffs and strong insistent vocals. Busker Bros has perfected the art of musical ambiance laced with complicated time signatures and a certain sense of... well, being bad-ass!
on Dec 08, 2014
Brooklyn, New York is a daunting place for a band to try and stand out in the crowd, in the melting pot of ambitious bands hitting stages all over the city. Overflowing with guitar-fronted grunge-lo-fi -psych-rock amalgamations, it takes a spark of something special to rise above the rest. Dreamers has accomplished just this with their debut self-titled EP, released on November 18th.
on Dec 01, 2014
Originally hailing from Dayton, Ohio, American hardcore/metal band The Devil Wears Prada has recently released a new full-length album entitled 8:18. Considerably darker, the album is wrought with existential and tragic elements. 8:18 includes the track "Gloom" which the band has been playing live for some time now. I had the opportunity to chat with songwriter and screamer, Mike Hranica, while he was in Edmonton, Alberta for their tour promoting 8:18. Hranica talked about the vision for this album, how Christianity plays a role in the band's music, and the joys of bringing his Aunties and dogs along to ease the pressure and loneliness that comes with recording an album. Read on for an insider perspective on The Devil Wears Prada!
on Nov 27, 2013
I had the chance to discuss the new Soulfly album, Savages, with Max, which comes out on October 4th. Devout fans will be pleased to hear that the new album is tracing back to its roots, with a more melodic and "original" Soulfly sound. Cavalera seemed extremely optimistic about the tour, and is crossing his fingers (just like you are) for a release by Cavalera Conspiracy sometime in the future. In the meantime, Savages is here, and a new project featuring Soulfly, Mastadon, and Dillinger Escape plan waits, set to be released in the middle of next year.
on Oct 03, 2013
With only one lineup change, Lifestory:Monologue has stood strong for six years. This band emerged from close-knit friendships, and a passionate love for music. Lifestory:Monologue is self-managed, and the boys are busy touring every chance that they can. Humorous, in depth, and honest, Jason Gormley and Jay Reid told me what Lifestory:Monolgue was all about. The group is hardworking, and is already thinking about their next record, which they hope to release as soon as they can!
on Jan 11, 2012
Busker Bros is a three man band from Whitby, Ontario. With Chris Panacci on guitar and vocals, Sean Panacci on guitar and Dan Leduc on drums, this group stimulates my ears in the best way possible. With influences like Sonic Youth, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead and Franz Ferdinand, Busker Bros has a varied transience that finds an easy place in the mind, and then dresses to impress. The psychedelic tone of this band breaks down into rhythmic guitar riffs and strong insistent vocals.
on Dec 02, 2011
Hailing from Pickering, Ontario, guitarist Nick Perovic, and vocalist Dylan Cooper provided insights for their band, Constellations. They have an EP coming out very soon, and a strong local fan base that is on the rise! Constellations have no limits and are willing to step out of the box musically, and for their fans. I got a real sense of passion and drive while talking with these boys. They have a defined notion of what role music plays in society and on the individual, and had some real in depth comments to make regarding the decorum of music, and stressed the malleability which they try and aim for.
on Nov 11, 2011
Jarek Hardy, guitarist and backup vocalist of the Ajax born band, The Johnstones, recently revealed a little info about his first tattoo. Based on art and image, Jarek says that his tattoos have aesthetic value, and that the meaning behind tattoos is not important.Tattoos are just another art form for him. His first tattoo was a tribute to his band, and he plans on getting more.
on Sep 29, 2011
Everyone should listen to Viva Mars! Seeing them perform in Oshawa a couple years ago, I recall these boys setting up on stage, clad in dress shirts and ties. Looking quite proper, they began playing and surprised us all. Quirky, fun and intelligent, they were one of the few opening bands of which I watched the entire set; Viva Mars had caught my eye.
on Sep 29, 2011
Lead guitarist Geoff Willingham of Rebel Emergency took the time to tell me about his love for his VOX AC30 and blue Celestion speakers! He was enthusiastic about the shows that he's played with this amp, and how he's never faced difficulties in sound. The capacity of sound that this amp holds is immense, and is worth the weight of the equipment (it's quite heavy). Geoff expressed a strong distaste for modern models of Vox Amplifiers and says that he's disappointed in their quality in comparison to the 1960's model. Geoff is devoted to his amp and hopes to use it for as long as possible before it gives out!
on Sep 22, 2011


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