Danielle Masek

Danielle Masek

Writer (Lisle, IL, USA)
- I'm a digital artist who adores music, video games, horror, writing and art. It was back in around 2013 when I decided I would like to use my talents within the music industry. I’m somewhat of a geeky/nerdy metalhead.
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Earthside's Jamie van Dyck fields questions on the band’s formation, hiring and working with an orchestra, and the heartfelt story behind their song "Mob Mentality".
on May 30, 2017
I AM's first full length offering, Life Through Torment is a violent, groove-soaked trip straight down into hell. Read our review here...
on Jan 27, 2017

6.5 / 10

Texan outfit This Will Destroy You give their Young Mountain debut the reissue treatment. Is it worth buying second time round? Read our review here...
on Nov 14, 2016

6.5 / 10

Despite no new ground being broken, there are plenty of moments on the new album from alt-rockers Red Sun Rising where you'll find yourself humming along. Read our review here...
on Nov 03, 2016

6.5 / 10

For the most part, Pain successfully blends the full, aggressive and crushing elements of metal with the noisy harshness of Industrial—liberally peppered with the atmospheric grandeur of an orchestra.
on Sep 26, 2016


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