Kevin Stewart-Panko

Kevin Stewart-Panko

Senior Writer (Hamilton, ON, Canada)
- I've been writing about music since I was an impressionable teen. I'm way past my teens, but not past being impressionable. I'm still writing about music and haven't been able to stop. Somebody, please put me out of my misery.
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We recently chatted with drummer and vocalist Sam Trenchard of the grindcore group Human Cull. We covered their early days and transitioned into an in-depth discussion of the writing and recording process behind their latest release, Revenant.
on Sep 08, 2018
We get up close and personal with guitarist Markus Vanhala of Omnium Gatherum with an exclusive chat before the imminent release of The Burning Cold via Century Media Records.
on Aug 23, 2018
We delve deep into the story and history behind one of today’s premier death metal acts Gruesome through an exclusive chat with lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Harvey.
on Aug 20, 2018
Death metal group Tomb Mold recently released their sophomore record Manor of Infinite Forms on 20 Buck Spin. We spoke with band mastermind Derrick Vella about the new album, their songwriting, and more.
on Aug 18, 2018
Juno Award-winning band KEN Mode will release Loved on August 31st via Season Of Mist and New Damage Records. We delve deeper into the album, the story behind the music, and their unlikely road from the financial industry to the wide world of rock n' roll.
on Aug 15, 2018
We spoke at length with Zeal & Ardor lead singer, guitarist, and mastermind, Manuel Gagneux, about his band’s unique history, new MVKA Music release Stranger Fruit, his motivations for starting and continuing the project, and his approach to music.
on Aug 06, 2018

7 / 10

This is absolutely more than a book about a rock band. It’s a tale of discovery and about carving one’s own way while not exactly knowing what you’re carving into.
on Jul 23, 2018
Due this fall via Sweden’s The Sign Records, On Thin Ice is the upcoming fist-pumping album from Spain’s Lizzies. We spoke with bassist Motorcycle Marina about ‘80s hard rock, open-heart surgery, and wrestling as a feminist signpost.
on Jun 30, 2018
With a new album out via Hells Headbangers, and a recent US tour, it was high time we caught up with Whipstriker’s Victor Whipstriker to chat about his thrashing, gnashing baby, during which he recalled what is quite possibly the greatest album recording story ever.
on May 21, 2018
Speedclaw guitarist Luka Jurisic discusses his band’s recent release, Beast in the Mist, signing to Shadow Kingdom Records, mini-albums, Croatian claws and “the way metal was meant to be.”
on May 11, 2018
Angel Witch recently issued Seventies Tapes and in celebration thereof have a one-off Toronto show on May 16th! We caught up with guitarist/vocalist Kevin Heybourne to talk demos, metal, and much more.
on May 07, 2018
There’s a reason myself and other greybeards shelled out $15 a pop to see Thrill Jockey noisemakers Lightning Bolt, and it’s the same reason people are dipping into their kid’s college funds for Slayer’s upcoming final tour
on Apr 06, 2018
With their sophomore album It’s Hard to Have Hope due out May 25th via Translation Loss, Holy Roar, and Tokyo Jupiter, it was high time we caught up with Bristol, UK heavies Svalbard.
on Apr 06, 2018

7.5 / 10

Kicking off its second album with a song called “Dice Throwers and Rock n’ Rollers” almost has the band daring skeptics and critics to come at them (bro).
on Mar 03, 2018
These Italians have no problem revealing to the world that what they do is little more than a re-hash of days gone by.
on Mar 02, 2018
TARLD’s third album does take blatant steps towards a more palpable and populist sound. However, there’s still a connection to punk rock’s rebellious underbelly which has the propensity to get lost behind the finely tuned sonics.
on Mar 01, 2018

10 / 10

Total Terror is a holistic celebration of one of the unsung creative heroes of late ‘80s speed/thrash metal.
on Feb 09, 2018
It’s almost like [b.abuse] approach writing music like a rioting mob approaches a smash and grab; no one’s really thinking about what they actually need, everyone just grabs whatever’s within arms reach because it’s there and free.
on Feb 05, 2018
Designed to Disappear, for all the lineup alterations the band has made and the impact they’ve had, is the sound of a band in transition.
on Feb 05, 2018
We caught up with The Atlas Moth vocalist/guitarist Stavros Giannopoulos to discuss the luxury of time, death metal hulks, and why this interview almost came to a screeching halt.
on Jan 26, 2018


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