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Top Metal Downloads

Eyes Set To Kill - "All You Ever Knew" [Free Song Download]
Eyes Set To Kill
"All You Ever Knew"
Metalcore / Post-Hardcore / Screamo Metal
Shining - "Fisheye" (Edit) [Free Song Download]
"Fisheye" (Edit)
Black Metal / Experimental / Blackjazz Metal
Dethklok - "Fansong" [Free Song Download]
Every Time I Die - "Wanderlust" [Free Song Download]
Dethklok - "Hatredcopter" [Free Song Download]
Silencer - “I Am Thunder” [Free Song Download] [Exclusive World Premiere]
Hunter City Madness - “Pleatherface” [Free Song Download]
Hunter City Madness
Metalcore / Rock & Roll Metal
Born of Osiris - "M∆CHINE" [Free Song Download]
Chariots of the Gods - "Tides of War" [Free Song Download]
Evil Entourage - "Swathe To Blind" [Free Song Download]
Gaggle Of Cocks - "SMOKE" [Free Song Download]
Krampus - "Butterflies On Fire" [Free Song Download] [Premiere]
Beyond Creation - "Omnipresent Perception" [Free Song Download]
Sister Sin - "Chaos Royale" [Exclusive Free Song Download]
S7N - "Burn My Pain Away" [Free Song Download]
Apothesary - "They All Carry Ghosts" [Free Song Download]
Better Left Unsaid - "She Needs Violence" [Free Song Download]
Every Time I Die - "The Marvelous Slut" [Free Song Download]
Purify The Horror - "Pig" [Free Song Download & Premiere]
Alpha Tiger - "We Came From The Gutter" [Free Song Download]
Blood of the Martyr - "Blood of the Martyr" [Free Song Download]
Apothesary - "1976" [Free Song Download]
Ministry - "Lies Lies Lies" [Free Song Download]
Cold Blue Mountain - "White North" [Free Song Download]
Beauty In The Suffering - "Reveille (The Zombie Charge)" [Free Song Download]


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