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To contact PureGrainAudio for questions, comments, complaints, additional information, or if you are interested in having your band, record label, or magazine covered in the website, simply send a letter to the "site feedback" email address listed below and we will respond as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours). Feedback is always welcome and encouraged!

Submitting News:

We love posting news, especially for cool, new underground or unsigned bands. That's our nature, help the little guys! If you want news posted, please an email send to the appropriate address below and be sure to: put the news headline as the email subject, include a high res band pic (and album art if relevant), band site links and the news/press release itself. This stuff not included, we won't post. That simple!

Submitting Music for Review:

UPDATE! Please note that aside from Demos, we now also NO LONGER accept unsolicited physical copies of albums, UNLESS sent directly to a writer. This said, if you DO want to either send a physical copy to us, or direct to a writer, please simply be in touch with us by email first! As a small shop we have a hard time keeping up with the sheer volume of coverage requests. What DOES make our life easier (and for faster coverage) are digital copies! Please submit any and all digital music to

We are looking for any rock-related music from (both signed and unsigned bands) and offer our press totally free. NO DEMOS please! Please also note, that due to the overwhelming number of submissions, we cannot guarantee any type of coverage. If you would like to work more directly with us and potentially receive promotion through other means (music video, song download, etc.) please mention this in your email.

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