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Red Run Art Series (No Blackout Dates) is a mixed-media series by artist Damon Kardon created to celebrate the travelling circus that is the music tour. Package #20 features Iron Maiden.
on May 03, 2019
To get you prepared for their cross-Canada, tour with Mexico’s Majestic Downfall, Spanish doom metal band Helevorn offer us their TOP 10 facts about growing up playing metal on the Spanish island of Mallorca.
on May 03, 2019
Mistina La Fave, bassist and vocalist of Portland, Oregan’s shoegaze renaissance connoisseurs, The Prids, joins us for our Women of Rock series to curate a list of 5 female-centric groups/artists that have influenced her own musical journey.
on Apr 30, 2019
NYC pop-punk duo, Brook Davis give us a track-by-track breakdown of their debut EP, Serious Damage, a six-track offering out now via Red Room Records.
on Apr 29, 2019
Nashville blues rock trio, Indianola will issue their new album, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, on May 10th, and, supporting the new record, we connected with frontman Owen Beverly for a TOP 10 list of his favourite horror movie soundtracks.
on Apr 26, 2019
iDKHow’s Dallon Weekes drops a fantastic track-by-track breakdown for the acerbic yet slick, six-song 1981 Extended Play that’s out now on Fearless Records.
on Apr 26, 2019
The guys from Glassing - an Austin, TX-based post-hardcore three-piece - join us for a Stereo Six to detail six records that shaped their upcoming album, Spotted Horse, out May 17th via Brutal Panda Records.
on Apr 25, 2019
Folk artist Pablo Dylan, grandson of popular music legend Bob Dylan, offers us a full track-by-track breakdown of his excellent new EP, The Finest Somersault.
on Apr 23, 2019
In honour of the passing of The Prodigy’s enigmatic frontman Keith Flint, Hungarian groove metal band Omega Diatribe discuss their recent music video and cover of “Baby’s Got a Temper.”
on Apr 22, 2019
Nashville, Tennessee’s indie rockers The Pressure Kids join us for this Stereo Six entry to list the records that helped inspire the band’s debut, self-titled EP.
on Apr 22, 2019
New Jersey metal quartet, Circuitry are fresh of the March 1st release of their album, Untouched By Human Hands (Instrumental). While the group work on new material featuring their revamped line-up, we connected with guitarist Christian Colabelli to learn about his day job at Eventide Inc. working as a guitar pedal product specialist.
on Apr 17, 2019
Celebrating the 1-year anniversary of I Know You, the unforgettable EP from young English multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Josh Wheatley, we have a full track-by-track breakdown of each of the album’s five songs.
on Apr 16, 2019
Teenage rockers Liily will be heading over to Europe in a few weeks for a bunch of shows so, ahead of the dates, we spoke to the band about their life back in LA.
on Apr 09, 2019
Enjoying the recent release his new, 9-track recording, World War Me, Singer-songwriter Greg Holden joins us for a new edition of Stereo Six, a rundown of six (5 plus 1 curveball) albums which greatly influenced his latest body of work.
on Apr 08, 2019
Going through each one of the five songs presented on their new Live (EP), out March 15th via Hatch Records, Watford, UK-based rockers The Spitfires dive into the wonderful vinyl offering with an exclusive track-by-track breakdown.
on Apr 05, 2019
London punk-folk band, Skinny Lister, are heading out to the States in a couple of weeks to join Bouncing Souls on tour. Following the completion of their recent UK tour, we spoke to vocalist Lorna Thomas about her favourite female punk rockers.
on Apr 05, 2019
She’s whipped up one tasty Sad Girl Breakfast with her latest recording but what does it all mean? Lauren Lakis, whose new EP is due this spring via Cavity Search Records, discusses her five fave Women of Rock, and living in the moment.
on Apr 04, 2019
Hong Kong quartet Bamboo Star, who recorded their latest “No Hard Feelings” EP with renowned producer Bob Marlette, have relocated to New York on their quest to bring incredible rock to the world! Today, lead singer, Wilfred “Wolf Red” Chung joins us for an exclusive guest blog breaking down their “It’s Just Business” claymation video.
on Apr 03, 2019
It's not all sold-out gigs and celebrity-filled parties being in a band. Sometimes the inspiration is low and you just can't get those songs out. During times like these, Outright Resistence turn to a good documentary for inspiration and, to help you, they've picked their top ten go-to documentaries to help them out of that lull.
on Apr 02, 2019
Calgary, Alberta’s post-black metal band, Numenorean are set to drop their sophomore album, Adore, via Season of Mist on April 12th. So, what exactly influenced this group’s atmospheric, ten-track terror-fest? Read out latest edition of Stereo Six to find out.
on Apr 01, 2019


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