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Vulgar Display Of Power was definitely the album that catapulted Pantera into the role of quintessential American Metal band of 90's.
on Aug 24, 2012
By the time Dominican Republic‘s melodic death metal quintet Archaios got signed by Tampa Bay's Dark Canvas Records, they had already been fighting for more than 15 years to survive as a band without the support of labels, proper management or a worldwide fan base.
on Aug 16, 2012
What else could be said that hasn't been said before about Anthrax's seminal 1987 masterpiece Among the Living?
on Aug 09, 2012
This Californian quartet knows better than most about the payoffs of adopting the independent artist model. While they have enormously contributed to American Black Metal's true identity, Cormorant has also set many landmarks within the do-it-yourself territories.
on Aug 02, 2012
Avant-garde Metallers SIGH are certainly a one-of-a-kind band. Theirs is an unprecedented concoction of styles that goes from Black/Death Metal, Retro Rock and Middle Eastern music to the works of classical composers like Bach, Chopin, Stockhausen and Xenakis.
on Jul 26, 2012
Despite the commercial and gigantic critical success of the highly influential albums Human (1991) and Individual Thought Patterns (1993), many consider DEATH's sixth recording, Symbolic (1995), to be one of the band's greatest achievements.
on Jul 19, 2012
PureGrainAudio would like to welcome you to the beginning of these series called "...And Justice For Art".
on Jul 11, 2012


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