Powerman 5000

- Mar 30, 2009 at 09:23PM
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Episode Summary: How can there be a recession when The Governor continues to dole out extra large doses of mighty metal music absolutely free? Close your wallet and open your mouth to produce intense noises of celebration for another economically sound episode of The Governor’s Ball!

At the end of the 90’s sci-fi rockers Powerman 5000 achieved commercial success with their album Tonight The Stars Revolt! and the hit single “When Worlds Collide.” What followed was a strange series of events that saw the band make drastic changes to both the sound and image that were at the root of their success. Now Powerman 5000 has experienced a case of total recall, and have embraced sci-fi once again. Tune in to hear The Governor and frontman Spider1 discuss robots, record labels, being Rob Zombie’s brother, and the need for constant attention.

Plus on "Some Sly Advice" Sly lets you know why you should make friends with elderly ladies...

...and listen for your chance to win tickets to The Governor’s Bash 4 – May 9 in Toronto featuring Fuck The Facts, The Great Collapse, and Sylvus!

Download (PART 1): The Governor's Ball feat. Powerman 5000 - Feb 11/09 (Part 1)
Download (PART 2): The Governor's Ball feat. Powerman 5000 - Feb 11/09 (Part 2)

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Since 2005, The Governor's Ball: The "Mighty" Metal and Comedy Show, has brought laughter and headbanging fury to the metal community. Beginning in the bowels of the Toronto community radio and led by the enigmatic character simply known as The Governor, this hilariously violent program has attracted a dedicated and somewhat homicidal fanbase who revelled in The Governor's words and the powerful metal he would spin in every episode.

In early 2008 The Governor escaped the oppressive clutches of futuristic game show hosts and even his own clone and headed to cyberspace. The Governor's Ball now the mighty podcast it is today, attracts thousands of listeners with each episode. Each show is a mighty adventure, featuring headbanging metal tracks, words of wisdom from The Governor and his good friend Sly, along with interviews from the biggest metal stars in the world to local acts bursting on to the Canadian scene.

The Governor’s Ball – Your choice for Arnold Schwarzenegger-themed heavy metal comedy programming since 2005.


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