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Psychedelic/western-influenced rock band Spindrift have pushed the envelope once again with their new Bollywood-inspired song and video “Dil Gera Na De”. We spoke with founding member Kirpatrick Thomas to learn more.
on Oct 13, 2018
Norwegian thrash metal duo Deathhammer share their thoughts on how bad Norwegian metal crowds are, where they draw metal’s intellectual line, and what crimes against metal are unforgivable. We also touched on their new record, Chained To Hell.
on Oct 12, 2018
We spoke with Kingdome Come drummer James Kottak about getting the band back together, the olden days of the hard-partying 1980s heavy metal scene, and their thirtieth anniversary tour.
on Oct 11, 2018
We connected with Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin for an interview about the new album Generation Rx, freelance illustration, hip-hop, touring and more.
on Oct 10, 2018
Dublin duo Hudson Taylor recently released their new album Bear Creek To Dame Street via Rubyworks Records and we caught up with the brothers Hudson-Taylor, to talk music, hobbies and touring with Hozier.
on Oct 09, 2018
Kyle Fasel, bassist for the Illinois-based rock group Real Friends, spoke to us about their Fearless Records release, Composure, this year’s Warped Tour, and life on the road.
on Oct 08, 2018
With the release of Mineral Bearing Veins, From the Bogs of Aughiska discuss their native Ireland and its rich history, both in the band’s dark ambient scene and in the ancient art of storytelling.
on Oct 07, 2018
Defy the Ocean have elected to unveil their début Monument to Her Exile across a quadrilogy of releases. Check out our premiere of a drum-video for “Subsolar”, along with our interview with the progressive rock duo.
on Oct 06, 2018
Minneapolis, MI-based hip-hop duo Atmosphere, today, released their new album Mi Vida Local via Rhymesayers Entertainment. We were lucky enough to chat with the group about music, hip-hop inspirations, L.L. Cool J, and more.
on Oct 05, 2018
We sat down with southern California natives Creature Canyon shortly after their set at KAABOO Music & Arts Festival in Del Mar, CA to discuss this year’s event, the upcoming EP Did You Want That and latest single “Take What You Want.”
on Oct 04, 2018
A musical entity for over fifty years, The Guess Who are synonymous with Canadian rock n’ roll. We recently connected with Rudy Sarzo, one of the best-known bassists in modern rock, to talk music, new albums and Randy Rhoads.
on Oct 03, 2018
Ready for another edition of Tattoo Talk? Today, we feature a recent conversation with Crispin Earl, the tatted-up frontman of Vancouver hard rock band The Veer Union.
on Oct 02, 2018
Ahead of their UK dates, we sat down and talked to Dan Brown from melodic metalcore chaps The Amity Affliction about his favourite places to play, what he misses about home and more.
on Oct 02, 2018
We had a lengthy chat with Ultraphonix bassist Pancho Tomaselli about the band’s new album Original Human Music, his work with Tower Of Power, War, The Animals, Eric Burdon and more!
on Oct 01, 2018
On the verge of both a European tour with Mono and the release of A Storm of Light’s new album Anthroscene, artist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Josh Graham discusses his visual work within album covers, music videos and creating concert visuals for some huge artists, as well as working with bands on delivering their vision.
on Sep 30, 2018
Saint-Hubert, Quebec’s Lou Phelps debuted his new album 002 / Love Me on September 21st via Last Gang Records and we caught up with Kaytranada’s younger brother to discuss his past, thoughts on Toronto’s rap scene, ideal collaborations.
on Sep 29, 2018
Nothing More recently performed in Toronto and guitarist Mark Vollelunga sat with us in the green room area of Budweiser Stage and answered questions while lead singer Jonny Hawkins wrestled with a trainer a few feet to our left behind the sofa.
on Sep 27, 2018
On the eve of Only Forever’s final show, the band spoke about the South Africa scene, the challenges faced and shared memories of twelve years of being a band family.
on Sep 25, 2018
Ukraine’s premier stoner metal band Stoned Jesus have brought us their fourth album, via Napalm Records, in the shape of Pilgrims. We sat down with vocalist, guitarist, and lyricist Igor Sydorenko to dig into the record and its genesis.
on Sep 21, 2018
We spoke with drummer Zel Kaute, of heavy rock trio Vôdûn to discuss the band’s latest album Ascend (New Heavy Sounds Records), divergent listening habits, the spirit of renewal, and whether or not our ancestors had it better.
on Sep 20, 2018


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