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With their debut album, Remains released via the loud-friendly folks at Prosthetic Records, Sweden’s newest sludgy, metallic hardcore act, Horndal is making one hell of a racket!
on Mar 18, 2019
In a special Geared Up interview, we spoke with Javier Sardinas, lead guitarist for the Floridian metalcore band Acaedia, about his favorite instrumentation, focusing mostly on the Horizon Devices Precision Drive.
on Mar 12, 2019
In the last few years, equal representation has become a common talking point in music. One of the bands making a racket about it are London’s Ithaca, fronted by the powerhouse Djamila Azzouz, who sat down to discuss The Language of Injury (out now on Holy Roar and Deathwish) and their scene.
on Mar 11, 2019
Founded in 1996, Furnace Record Pressing is primarily known for producing high-quality vinyl records for the likes of Metallica, Foo Fighters, Beck, and Led Zeppelin. We had the pleasure of speaking with Furnace CEO Eric Astor about food and vinyl.
on Mar 09, 2019
Wardehns is a crust punk-infused, sludgy, thrashing, D-beat abusing metal group from the tiny town of Wausau, Wisconsin who recently released their debut album, Now Cometh the Foul. We spoke with the band about the album and their origins.
on Mar 08, 2019
Misery Index is set to release their sixth studio record, Rituals of Power, on March 8th via Season of Mist. We chatted with rhythm guitarist and vocalist Mark Kloeppel about the new album, Extreme Music Group, politics, society, and life as a father.
on Mar 07, 2019
On March 8th, Finnish melodic metal heavyweights Children of Bodom release their tenth studio album, Hexed, through Nuclear Blast. We spoke to bassist Henkka Seppälä about the album, Bloodstock, and returning to the road.
on Mar 06, 2019
We spoke at length with Lisa Voisard, lead vocalist of the technical death metal band Anachronism, about the group, their beginnings, and absolutely stunning album, Orogeny, out since July, 2018.
on Mar 05, 2019
Leuven, Belgium heavy rock trio, Brutus spoke to us about the imminent release of their new album Nest, out March 29th, via Sargent House and Hassle Records, about rapid on-set fame, the importance of family life, and all the rain in Rain City (aka Vancouver).
on Mar 04, 2019
William Sanderson, an adept character actor who has appeared in a collection of incredible TV series (Starsky and Hutch, True Blood) and landmark movies (Blade Runner, The Rocketeer), spoke to us about his career, upcoming memoirs, and HBO’s upcoming Deadwood movie.
on Feb 26, 2019
We recently connected with Savage After Midnight keyboardist James “JT” Thomas for a new edition of Tattoo Talk to learn more about his ink, their connection to Memphis, Tennessee, and the new EP 11:59.
on Feb 25, 2019
Saor mastermind Andy Marshall is Scottish born and Scottish proud. The musician spoke with us at length about his solo project’s folk-infused black metal, new album Forgotten Paths, the virtues of solitude, poetic inspiration, and how to cure writer’s block.
on Feb 23, 2019
Catherine Fearns chats with Christophe Godin, frontman of French progressive jazz-rock-metallers MÖRGLBL, about a range of issues, including their new album The Story Of Scott Rötti, and Christophe’s life as a guitar teacher at the École des Musiques Actuelles.
on Feb 22, 2019
We get “Crazy” during our chat with Grayson Erhard and his frequent collaborator John Runnels, also of indie folk band Morning Bear, about their cover of the Gnarls Barkley hit, plus a chance encounter with legend Stevie Wonder.
on Feb 21, 2019
Harrogate hardcore bruisers Blood Youth are set to release their new album, Starve, ahead of UK dates in March. We spoke to the band about the inspiration for the songs on an album that is going to be one of the releases of 2019!
on Feb 21, 2019
PureGrainAudio's Darren Paltrowitz talked Enter Night Pilsner, Stone Brewing's new collaboration with Metallica, with Stone Brewing co-founder Greg Koch.
on Feb 20, 2019
Backstabber release their new album, Conspiracy Theorist on February 22, so, given that it is a subject very close to their collective hearts, we asked them about some of their favourite conspiracy theories and scandals.
on Feb 20, 2019
PureGrainAudio’s Darren Paltrowitz spoke with Crowbar founder Kirk Windstein about the band’s past, present and future including upcoming Canadian tour dates, and a solo record.
on Feb 19, 2019
OURS singer, songwriter and guitarist Jimmy Gnecco chats with us in detail about his career, his artistic visions and virtually everything else in this lengthy chat about his career.
on Feb 18, 2019
UK trio Steel Trees, hot off the release of their new single “Deaf In One Eye,” are hunkered down with producer Matt Elliss working on a new album, due summer 2019 via These Bloody Thieves/Cargo Records. We connected with vocalist and guitarist Tom Hannon to talk gear!
on Feb 17, 2019


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