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Guitarist/vocalist/composer Fabio Brienza of atmospheric metal band Varaha spoke to us with the same expansive depth as he writes his music, elaborating on the band's new record A Passage For Lost Years and working with Prosthetic Records.
on May 17, 2019
With their 1981 Extended Play EP flying high since its November release via Fearless Records, the two-piece I Don’t Know How You Found Me (iDKHOW) are starting to soar. We spoke to frontman Dallon Weekes about the EP, the recording process, keeping up with the times, and more.
on May 15, 2019
UK metallers Savage Messiah are set to release their new album Demons this week and are already on the road supporting Symphony X.We got the lowdown on life on the road with the band when we spoke to them recently and you can read all about it here.
on May 15, 2019
As she continues to log the miles touring in support of her latest record SEVEN, we spoke to rock musician Jasmine Cain about her favorite musical gear, including her Warwick bass guitar, the Traynor YBA-300 amp and more!
on May 14, 2019
We connected with multi-talented Melissa Wolfe, lead singer of New Hampshire metal band Sepsiss, to discuss her interesting career path, a woman’s place in metal, and how she’s managed to hone an identity that is uniquely, and excitingly her.
on May 13, 2019
Festival season is almost upon us and with Facebook groups and forums buzzing with fans talking about the bands playing their favourite rock weekender, we got UK rockers The Fallen State to pick their ultimate festival line-up!
on May 13, 2019
Featuring members of bands such as Heathen, Exhorder and Division, guitarist Justin Roth gives us a comprehensive look into War Curse’s past, present and future and their new Svart Records album Eradication.
on May 11, 2019
Call of The Void singer and guitarist, Patrick Alberts discusses his band’s new Translation Loss Records album, Buried In Light, transition from recent turbulence, and lessons learned via longevity.
on May 10, 2019
Ahead of the July 12th release of their debut self-titled album, we caught up with Italian alternative/electronic rock duo Soaware for a fun chat, plus the debut of their brand-new music video for the single, “Puddle.”
on May 09, 2019
We spoke with Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci about the band’s fourteenth album, Distance Over Time (InsideOut Music), why people think they’re a concept record group, and an assortment of other topics that you likely wouldn’t see covered anywhere else.
on May 08, 2019
Fans of Mastodon, King Crimson and Neurosis should point their ears towards the progressive sounds of Latitudes and their new album Part Island. We spoke to the band about the inspiration behind their expansive sound.
on May 08, 2019
We chatted with Jason Mann, Muhammad Zubi and David Devo Oosthuizen, promoters of South Africa’s The Kraken Is Alive about their narrative based music festival for the alternative market.
on May 07, 2019
In 1991, Swedish death n' rollers Entombed released their genre-defining album Clandestine. To celebrate the 25th anniversary, the band performed the album live in full for the Clandestine - Live album. The live album is out this week so we spoke to Alex and Uffe from the band about that period of their lengthy career.
on May 07, 2019
Canadian rock superstars Danko Jones recently released A Rock Supreme via Indica Records and we spoke with lead singer and guitarist Danko about the ninth album, discussing everything from crowdfunding, to touring, to podcasts.
on May 06, 2019
We caught up with Portugal’s Martelo Negro and spoke with frontman “The Beyonder” about his band’s new release, Parthenogenesis, out via Helldprod Records, looking forward by looking backward, and life getting in the way of metal.
on May 03, 2019
Belgian rapper, MC and hip-hop artist Baloji is about to release his new record Kaniama: The Yellow Version. We spoke with him about the album, his artistry, style and creativity.
on May 02, 2019
Enthroned represent Belgium’s longest-running black metal act, with over a quarter of a century of active recording and performing. Vocalist Nornagest discusses the new album, Cold Black Suns, ahead of its June release.
on Apr 30, 2019
Oriental-infused progressive metal band Myrath are set to release their brand new album Shehili on 3rd May, via EarMusic so we spoke to Zaher from the band about the album, their influences and how they create their expansive, progressive sound.
on Apr 30, 2019
Liverpool alt-metal band Death Blooms have just released their new EP, You Are Filth, so we sat down with them to talk about the exciting heavy music scene in Liverpool.
on Apr 29, 2019
Meet The HU, the pioneers of Hunnu Rock! We caught up with the YouTube sensation in an exclusive interview to find out more about the throat-singing quartet’s musical influences, debut album The Gereg, tour dates, and more!
on Apr 25, 2019


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