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Celebrating the July 13th release of their new album Legacy (Rockfest Records/Sony), we connected with Jarob Bramlett, drummer and graphic artist for the hard rock foursome, The Protest, to shed some light on the dark cover art.
on Jul 16, 2018
Gatherers released We Are Alive Beyond Repair on June 1st via Equal Vision Records and vocalist Rich Weinberger helped us breakdown its concept and album cover’s Evelyn Bencicova artwork.
on Jul 02, 2018
Lowell, MA post-hardcore group Eyes On Satellites unravel the six Rickelle Tavares photos used in creating the cover art for their EP The Illuminator. Turns out, each picture represents one of the album’s six tracks!
on Jun 12, 2018
For this latest edition of UnCovered, we speak with John Harv Harbinson, lead singer of Belfast, Ireland’s Stormzone about the artwork for their latest album, Lucifer’s Factory.
on Apr 07, 2018
Canadian post-hardcore quartet The Burden recently issued their five-track EP The Presence of Past Tense and we spoke with the band and artistic director Ross Vanosch about the album’s simple yet captivating cover artwork.
on Apr 03, 2018
We checked in with rock quartet The Faim and asked both bassist/keyboardist Stephen Beerkens and BMG’s Creative VP, Taylor Bringuel, about the “Saints of the Sinners” cover artwork.
on Mar 08, 2018
And Justice For Art continues its amazing UnCovered series via this interview about the Zodiac cover art from alternative rock quintet, Falling Through April.
on Jan 03, 2018
Nashville, Tennessee's *repeat repeat released their Floral Canyon album on September 15th and today we dive into its psychedelic cover artwork!
on Dec 19, 2017
Singer and guitarist Kevin Keegan of Vancouver, riff-meisters Dead Quiet chats about the dope artwork of the band's new album Grand Rites.
on Dec 14, 2017
Unsigned Redwood City, CA-based progressive rock quintet, Sea In The Sky, travel to new heights with their Everything All at Once full-length and it's cosmic album art!
on Dec 13, 2017
Indie rock trio, Happy Abandon, discuss their intriguing Facepaint cover art (out via Schoolkids Records) via our And Justice For Art series, UnCovered.
on Nov 30, 2017
Join us as we learn about the cover artwork for the new album Mess, by the mellow and moody Norwegian/English folk music duo, Tuvaband.
on Nov 10, 2017
Tokyo, Japan's female-fronted metalcore monsters, Undead Corporation discuss their new album's evil cover artwork for our And Justice For Art series, "UnCovered".
on Oct 24, 2017
Our popular And Justice For Art series "UnCovered" continues with Motograter discussing the Sam Shearon-created cover art for Desolation, their sophomore album released via EMP Label Group.
on Sep 06, 2017
We chatted with San Francisco, CA-based musician John Dylan about his new single "If I Want You To", upcoming album Peripheral Drift Illusion, and album cover artwork!
on Aug 19, 2017
We caught up with Canadian quintet Becomes Astral to discuss the crazy-cool artwork on their new album Paleblood Sky.
on Aug 16, 2017
We spoke to French rock duo The Dukes about the cover artwork of their recent release Smoke Against The Beat (Concrete Entertainment) and its symbolism.
on Aug 10, 2017
Austin, TX-based alternative rock trio Culture Wars are set to release their infectious new self-titled EP on August 11, 2017, which is accompanied by some visually stunning artwork.
on Aug 08, 2017
Aussie heavies Daybreak hit us up to chat about the dope AF album art by Adelaide-based artist Billy Oakly on their seven-track EP Death Dreams.
on Aug 04, 2017
Israeli visionary, Eliran Kantor, has built a distinguished career within the Metal scene thanks to his colossal album covers. Between August 10-13th, he will be exhibiting some of his works at the Rock And Metal Museum at the UK's famed Bloodstock Festival.
on Jul 28, 2017


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