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South African rock legends, Wonderboom, stopped by for a quick chat about their latest “Praying Mantis” video, ninth studio album Rising Sun, their challenges and thoughts on the current music landscape.
on Aug 02, 2018
Epic Meal Time co-creator Harley Morenstein spoke to us about “Pizza In A Bag”, his transition from teacher to accidental chef, Action Bronson, The Beastie Boys, and productivity.
on Jul 30, 2018
With a full-length studio recording due later this year via Sony Music Entertainment Canada, Toronto-by-way-of-Manchester singer, songwriter and rapper, Shotty Horroh discusses his renovated, rocker-ready sound and more.
on Jul 27, 2018
Brad Perry, the musician behind Caverns of Pine, speaks about his project’s dedication to sharing the stories of those who have suffered sexual violence and trauma. Out now via Self Aware Records, all proceeds are donated directly to FORCE, a non-profit that aims to support sexual trauma survivors and disrupt rape culture.
on Jul 25, 2018
We connected with Diana Studenberg, lead vocalist and songwriter for Vancouver-based alt-rock band Trope, for an interview and intro to her group, newest single “Lambs”, and up-coming debut album Eleutheromania.
on Jul 24, 2018
With the pending release of their debut album, Bottom of the Barrel, we spoke with Johannesburg rock 'n roll four-piece, Dirty Moonshine, about how they got this far and the local scene in South Africa.
on Jul 23, 2018
Toronto-based artist Waves That Stray, aka Sean MacLean is creating music outside the box of what you may be used to. He's made 'waves' on his own and is now ready to take this beyond just some one-man show!
on Jul 21, 2018
While recently in Los Angeles on tour with Weedeater, we caught up with speedy hardcore punks Zeke to chat about their reformation, touring and new release via Relapse Records, Hellbender.
on Jul 20, 2018
Real Friends bassist Kyle Fasel discuses Warped Tour, coping with mental health issues, and superb new record Composure out via Fearless Records.
on Jul 19, 2018
Nashville, Tennessee-based rock quartet, H.A.R.D., believe life consists of having as many “rad” moments as possible. Supporting their debut EP HaveARadDay we caught up with the dudes for a not-so-ordinary interview.
on Jul 18, 2018
Ahead of a busy Summer of festivals, UK favourite Jamie Lenman gives us his favourite festival stories and tips. Read on...
on Jul 18, 2018
Doom band, Ruff Majik are the first South African band to receive Wacken Foundation funding. Frontman, Johni Holiday speaks to us about touring and paying your dues.
on Jul 13, 2018
Giovanni Spanó is a very busy man with a career not only in acting, currently in the Bat out of Hell musical, but also with his band deVience. We covered both topics in length in this deep and informative new interview!
on Jul 11, 2018
Ahead of the release of their Outlaws ‘Til The End album, Devildriver frontman Dez Fafara talked to us about the album and his crusade against fake metal bands.
on Jul 05, 2018
We spoke with Skinflint vocalist and guitarist, Giuseppe Sbrana, about their latest self-titled album, touring with Tarja, and what it is exactly that makes metal “African”.
on Jul 04, 2018
On the first day of the UK’s Download Festival, we spoke with Volbeat bassist Kaspar Boye Larsen. How’s the new album coming along? What’s the “Burger King” incident? Does he enjoy dad-jokes? All is revealed herein!
on Jul 03, 2018
Due this fall via Sweden’s The Sign Records, On Thin Ice is the upcoming fist-pumping album from Spain’s Lizzies. We spoke with bassist Motorcycle Marina about ‘80s hard rock, open-heart surgery, and wrestling as a feminist signpost.
on Jun 30, 2018
Khemmis vocalist Phil Pendergast sat down recently to talk about his eclectic record collection and, in this clip, the vocalist for the Denver doom merchants talks about some of his hip-hop and rap albums.
on Jun 28, 2018
Women in metal aren’t a big deal anymore? Not according to Kaija Kinney, founder of Metalocalypstick, an open air, not-for-profit music festival formed to support female artists in metal, punk, hardcore and other heavy genres.
on Jun 27, 2018
18th & Addison, a punk/rock two-piece from Ocean County, NJ, released a four-song EP titled Vultures on June 1st and, naturally, we didn’t chat with them about their music whatsoever, opting instead for an interview based on messed up stuff.
on Jun 20, 2018


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