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Hailing from Brampton, Ontario, The Junction consists of Brent Jackson (guitar/vocals), Matt Jameson (bass), and Mike Taylor (drums). The band’s name represents the idea of there being a place (or should I say, a “junction”) where different aspects of all genres of music connect to make one beautifully unique sound. And that’s exactly what this band does. I sat down...
on Feb 24, 2006
2006 is a huge year for Silverstein. They wrapped up a European tour with Simple Plan in February, then they were off on the Take Action! tour, and now, Taste of Chaos. On top of that, they just released their new video for “Discover the Waterfront”, the title track off their latest album, and they’re nominated for Best New Group for the Juno awards! Needless to say, lead singer Shane Told is constantly on the move, but he managed to spare a few minutes to sit down with me and chat before taking to the stage (with The Junction and Dear Jane, I...) at the Mod Club in Toronto on February 18, 2006.
on Feb 18, 2006
Hailing from South Wales in the United Kingdom, Skindred is slowly infecting the musical minds of thousands of people around the globe. This quartet of talented musicians is quite unique and their bombastic mix of Ragga Metal which even at times possesses elements of Punk, Dancehall, and Drum and Bass is immensely addictive. Needless to say this band’s innovative...
on Feb 15, 2006
Having come together in Burlington in 2000, the guys from Silverstein have made quite a name for themselves. After just six years, these guys are already known around the world! 2005 was a huge year for them, but 2006 promises to be even better. Absolute madness I say! The band’s latest release, Discover the Waterfront, has been a huge success since its release last August, and the album tour has sold out shows all over the world. And the touring hasn’t stopped yet; not by a long shot. The band is currently winding up the tail end of a European tour with Simple Plan, and will be touring all over Canada and the USA until mid-April. I caught up with Paul (drums) and Shane (vocals) on the set of their newest video, the title track off the album, "Discover the Waterfront."
on Feb 09, 2006
If you’ve not yet heard of Scandinavian Death Metalers Amon Amarth, then you are truly missing out on some damn good shit. In a day and age when music, no matter what genre, sort of begins to meld together, this “huge” quintet (these guys are literally big) is tearing up the world of “loud music” with their standalone Viking and Norse Mythology infused brand of Death Metal.
on Jan 31, 2006
In a lengthy, candid, and exclusive interview, Ill Niño frontman Cristian Machado bares his very soul in answering questions pertaining to the band’s latest album One Nation Underground, their diverse influences and roots, and his personal take on the current political situation in the United States.
on Jan 17, 2006
Other than being the phrase that philosopher/economist Karl Marx is probably best known for, Opiate For The Masses, is now also the name of a relatively new and extremely intense hard rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. Just like Marx, Opiate For The Masses, is going to go down in history as being something totally unique. Not your average hard rock band...
on Jan 12, 2006
Right out of the warm sunny climate and rock band breeding ground of Orange County, California comes the Christian rock four piece known as Project 86. Despite the fact that the band is just now getting major mainstream recognition, Project 86 has been together for roughly eight years now, released four very successful albums and during this time amassed a considerable fan base across the United States.
on Jan 08, 2006
Formerly The Stiffs, Dead Letter Dept. consists of Rob Moir (guitar/vocals), Mike Leblanc (drums/vocals), Steven De Silva (guitar/keyboards), and most recently, Chris Slorach (bass). After signing with Underground Operations earlier this year, the band released their first full-length album; Rock N' Roll Hates You.
on Jan 04, 2006
Straight out of the rock and roll capital of the United States comes the alternative rock four piece known as Prism Theory. The band has only been around for about four years now, but they are already starting to make a name for themselves with the release of their second full length album titled Unity For Insanity. Prism Theory has been compared to bands such as...
on Dec 19, 2005
From First to Last is a band whose name might make you think of a downward spiral, but in all honesty, for this group nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, with the insane progress that this band has been making over the past couple of years they have gone literally nowhere but up. Now as the band is in the middle of an extensive...
on Dec 15, 2005
When bands are on the road for long periods of time it’s normal that after a while the musicians themselves will succumb to fatigue. Screw that… they’re bound to be tired as shit!
on Dec 10, 2005
After the release of the their debut self titled album, Strata spent a very busy year touring across North America, shooting music videos, and doing all of the other necessary band-related publicity that is normally required of an artist. With this year behind them, however, this quartet of sick musicians once again finds themselves locked in the studio.
on Dec 06, 2005
One of the hardest working Canadian bands in 2005 has been Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Hurst. The band is led by former Econoline Crush leader Trevor Hurst and since the band released their debut EP Wanderlust late last spring, the band has been touring like crazy and winning over more and more fans. After recently getting an interview with Trevor himself, P.G.A. was fortunate enough to catch up with Hurst’s guitar player Paulo Neta before the band’s sold out gig with Theory of a Deadman at the Opera House on November 24th. Paulo let us in on what’s going on with the band right now, his favorite song on the Wanderlust EP, and what we can expect from Hurst in 2006.
on Dec 03, 2005
It was certainly sad news when 40 Below Summer announced that they would be disbanding, nevertheless any feelings of suicide and depression were almost immediately quelled when news came that the group's remaining members would be continuing to pursue careers in music and subsequently forming a new band.
on Nov 29, 2005
Right from the mid-west of the United States, St. Louis punk/pop five piece Ludo has recently began to cause quite a stir in the punk rock world. The band has been hitting all corners of the mid-west lately in support of their latest release Broken Bride which comes two years after the band’s self-titled debut and major mainstream success seems imminent for the band.
on Nov 26, 2005
Toronto, Ontario's Metal Heavyweights are back! No Assembly Required are currently in the studio working on their new album that will be titled "The Great Tribulation." With all the success of their last CD, I had to speak with System, the band's guitarist, to find out what we can expect from their new album. He assured me that the new album...
on Nov 23, 2005
Alaskan born and bred, 36 Crazyfists have made quite a big name for themselves. The band has toured all over the world and already played alongside such notable acts as Candiria, God Forbid, Chimaira, Diecast, Hotwire, Five Pointe O, Twelve Tribes, and Killswitch Engage among many others. Vocalist Brock Lindow recently took some time to tell us...
on Nov 20, 2005
There is absolutely nothing dead about Death by Stereo. In fact, with the release of the band’s fourth full-length disc entitled Death for Life, they are seemingly more alive than ever before. Sure they might have a running theme of death which is present in their band name as well as in the title of every record they have ever released...
on Nov 17, 2005
Over the past seven years Index Case has been busy as heck establishing themselves as a credible loud music act. Hailing from Indianola, Iowa (a small city neighbouring the much more renowned Des Moines; hometown of Metal legends Slipknot), Index Case essentially formed when a few high school friends one day decided to start jamming together.
on Nov 13, 2005


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