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From First to Last is a band whose name might make you think of a downward spiral, but in all honesty, for this group nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, with the insane progress that this band has been making over the past couple of years they have gone literally nowhere but up. Now as the band is in the middle of an extensive...
on Dec 15, 2005
When bands are on the road for long periods of time it’s normal that after a while the musicians themselves will succumb to fatigue. Screw that… they’re bound to be tired as shit!
on Dec 10, 2005
After the release of the their debut self titled album, Strata spent a very busy year touring across North America, shooting music videos, and doing all of the other necessary band-related publicity that is normally required of an artist. With this year behind them, however, this quartet of sick musicians once again finds themselves locked in the studio.
on Dec 06, 2005
One of the hardest working Canadian bands in 2005 has been Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Hurst. The band is led by former Econoline Crush leader Trevor Hurst and since the band released their debut EP Wanderlust late last spring, the band has been touring like crazy and winning over more and more fans. After recently getting an interview with Trevor himself, P.G.A. was fortunate enough to catch up with Hurst’s guitar player Paulo Neta before the band’s sold out gig with Theory of a Deadman at the Opera House on November 24th. Paulo let us in on what’s going on with the band right now, his favorite song on the Wanderlust EP, and what we can expect from Hurst in 2006.
on Dec 03, 2005
It was certainly sad news when 40 Below Summer announced that they would be disbanding, nevertheless any feelings of suicide and depression were almost immediately quelled when news came that the group's remaining members would be continuing to pursue careers in music and subsequently forming a new band.
on Nov 29, 2005
Right from the mid-west of the United States, St. Louis punk/pop five piece Ludo has recently began to cause quite a stir in the punk rock world. The band has been hitting all corners of the mid-west lately in support of their latest release Broken Bride which comes two years after the band’s self-titled debut and major mainstream success seems imminent for the band.
on Nov 26, 2005
Toronto, Ontario's Metal Heavyweights are back! No Assembly Required are currently in the studio working on their new album that will be titled "The Great Tribulation." With all the success of their last CD, I had to speak with System, the band's guitarist, to find out what we can expect from their new album. He assured me that the new album...
on Nov 23, 2005
Alaskan born and bred, 36 Crazyfists have made quite a big name for themselves. The band has toured all over the world and already played alongside such notable acts as Candiria, God Forbid, Chimaira, Diecast, Hotwire, Five Pointe O, Twelve Tribes, and Killswitch Engage among many others. Vocalist Brock Lindow recently took some time to tell us...
on Nov 20, 2005
There is absolutely nothing dead about Death by Stereo. In fact, with the release of the band’s fourth full-length disc entitled Death for Life, they are seemingly more alive than ever before. Sure they might have a running theme of death which is present in their band name as well as in the title of every record they have ever released...
on Nov 17, 2005
Over the past seven years Index Case has been busy as heck establishing themselves as a credible loud music act. Hailing from Indianola, Iowa (a small city neighbouring the much more renowned Des Moines; hometown of Metal legends Slipknot), Index Case essentially formed when a few high school friends one day decided to start jamming together.
on Nov 13, 2005
One of the top up and coming alternative rock bands is the Huntington Beach California five-piece known as Avenged Sevenfold. Taking the technical aspects of metal guitar work and its elaborate arrangements, Avenged Sevenfold crafts metal-core with an emphasis on its metal roots as much as its punk background.
on Nov 09, 2005
Formed in 1999, Lock 13 has spent the last several years slowly making one heck of name for themselves. Starting out as a group of friends pumped full of the archetypal teenage angst, they came together and began using music as their form of release from life's torments. Starting small and even dropping some tunes on a ghetto four-track recorder, the band...
on Nov 07, 2005
It's not every day that a former scholar of classical music and an avid fan of Beethoven, Bach, and Vivaldi is also a long-haired metalhead. But in this case, Shane McFee, lead singer of the metal band Backmask, is exactly that. If you're wondering where you've heard the name McFee before, rest assured that it's not some trendy new McDonald's meal.
on Nov 04, 2005
Massachusetts based Unearth has literally been torn out of the cold, dark ground and launched to a warmer and brighter new place. Formed seven years ago, Unearth has endured a gruelling hard road to get where they are today. Having played with an innumerable amount of bands in an equally incomprehensible amount of tours and gigs...
on Nov 01, 2005
As I Lay Dying are a San Diego-based band whose name, when discussing their reputation, is totally contradictory. Unlike their name might have you thinking, this group is very much alive. In fact, they are currently one of the hottest bands in their entire genre. Having just come of a huge six-band tour in Europe, the guys have wasted no time in continuing their momentum as they almost immediately joined up with Unearth and Slipknot…
on Oct 29, 2005
Anyone who works all the time without taking time off to unwind runs the risk of ruining their health. In fact, anyone who currently follows a dangerously busy daily routine best be taking some serious down time - it is vital in order to maintain a healthy and stress free life! If you have no idea how to this however, then you should probably get some help.
on Oct 26, 2005
As with numerous bands in the rock industry, SOiL has taken on its share of bumps and bruises. What separates this band from many others, however, is that their vivacious tenacity has once again aided them in persevering with their musical goals. When the group’s lead singer jumped ship a couple years back, all seemed lost.
on Oct 20, 2005
On the night of his most recent stop in Toronto, former Econoline Crush frontman, Trevor Hurst, sat down to chat with Aaron Willschick to discuss the forming of his new band, Hurst, the end of Econoline Crush, the new album among other things.
on Oct 16, 2005
Don’t be confused by the look or the sound. Virginia Creeper is not Glam metal and not industrial metal. Rather Virginia Creeper is self proclaimed Prophetic Industrial Metal. Hailing from New York, Virginia Creeper, (incidentally the name of the vocalist and the band) combine grinding guitars and heavy beats with a message heavy on death and dying.
on Oct 15, 2005
Chris Gonda recently sat down with the members of Analog Digital Disorder (A.D.D.) to discuss the origin of a band, their latest release and how having a female vocalist affects the band. Here's how the meet-and-greet went down.
on Oct 02, 2005


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