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Ahead of the January 18th, 2019, release of their new album, The Wicked King: Part II, we chatted with Will Ash, guitarist for the Los Angeles metal quintet, The Crown Remnant, about his gear including a Schecter Hellraiser FR guitar with aftermarket Seymour Duncan 59/SH1 Distortion pickups.
on Dec 17, 2018
We get “Geared Up” with Damian Hughes, formally the guitarist and songwriter of Leeds psych-grunge band Allusondrugs, who runs through some of the key gear he uses to create the psyched-out sounds of his new solo project, Hypnosister.
on Dec 11, 2018
We spoke with lead singer and guitarist Jared Schneider of New York’s The Exits for our latest edition of Geared Up to find out more about his Gibson ES-335 and other favourite gear.
on Nov 29, 2018
After recently completing their first-ever North American tour supporting their sophomore album Princes de l'Amour, out via Dirty Water Records, we spoke to France’s Johnny Mafia about their favourite gear.
on Nov 22, 2018
Rob Hill, guitarist for Winnipeg, Manitoba’s post-punk foursome Softswitch, talks about his gear and how it impacted the band’s Steve Albini and Bob Weston-assisted Happiness EP.
on Nov 11, 2018
In our new Geared Up interview, Rob Morrow of The Rob Morrow Band shares some insight on his Collings I-35 deluxe electric guitar, plus his Taylor six and twelve-string acoustics.
on Oct 29, 2018
In our latest Geared Up interview, Kevin Lee of Kevin Lee & The Kings tells us more about his Orange Dual Terror guitar head and single 12" Vintage 30 Celestion speaker.
on Oct 24, 2018
Daniel Flygh, guitarist for the Norwegian doom/sludge metal band Burn The Man, shares his thoughts on his top gear, including his impressive pedal board and Traynor YBA-1 amp.
on Oct 17, 2018
In this gear-focused chat, Jesse Jensen, of electronic duo Jane In Space, tells us more about his love for the Elektron Octatrack used in the recording of their recent Aion Records release Gorerunner.
on Aug 28, 2018
From the streets of Dublin, Ireland emerges singer-songwriter Eoin Glackin. With the release of his solo record Fires of Innocence due on September 28th, we caught up with the musician to learn more about his custom suitcase kick drum.
on Aug 22, 2018
Three For Silver, led by bass player and singer Lucas Warford, has released their new record, The Way We Burn. Warford discusses his intricate, and complex bass playing, including his Contrabasin and his 5-String Resonator Bass.
on Aug 10, 2018
Kenneth Ishak’s band Beezewax recently released their latest record, Rainbows. We spoke with Ishak about his favourite gear, including his Fairfield Circuitry Four Eyes Filter Fuzz, and how he incorporates stomp boxes into the recording process.
on Aug 07, 2018
Original Soulfly drummer, Roy Mayorga was also active with Shelter, Nausea, Crisis and ABLOOM before joining Stone Sour in 2006. We spoke with the skins-master about his drums, rehearsing, film scoring and more.
on Aug 01, 2018
London rockers, Curse Of Lono are prepping to release their sophomore full-length, As I Fell, on August 17th via Submarine Cat Records. To better understand their chilled-out sound, we connected with drummer Neil Findlay to talk skins, plus his custom FLIX sticks, rods, and brushes.
on Jul 31, 2018
Celebrating their upcoming new album 18 Summers (out July 27), we connected with Rome Hero Foxes lead guitarist Michael Fox to discuss gear, including his 1964 Fender Jaguar.
on Jul 12, 2018
Why is the new Father’s Son full-length from Floridian post-hardcore five-piece, LIMBS so heavy? Guitarists Jordan Hunter and Tyler Martin answer that question and talk amplifiers.
on Jul 10, 2018
With their Object of Desire EP due on July 27th, we got to know New York rock foursome, Black and Blue, with guitarist Liam Murray discussing his key gear and the new single, “High Friends in Low Places”.
on Jul 09, 2018
Famous Last Words continue to promote their Revival Recordings release, The Incubus, so we connected with guitarist Evan Foley to discuss gear; namely his custom, mahogany baritone “Telecaster” clone.
on Jun 21, 2018
Boss Keloid release their new album, Melted On The Inch, this Friday, so we chatted to guitarist Paul Swarbrick about how he captured such a "balls-heavy" tone...
on Apr 26, 2018
Guitarist Tony Harker of the Brighton, UK “emogaze” band, Harker, discusses some of his favourite gear, including the Strymon Deco and Spark Booster pedals.
on Apr 23, 2018


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