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London rockers, Curse Of Lono are prepping to release their sophomore full-length, As I Fell, on August 17th via Submarine Cat Records. To better understand their chilled-out sound, we connected with drummer Neil Findlay to talk skins, plus his custom FLIX sticks, rods, and brushes.
on Jul 31, 2018
Celebrating their upcoming new album 18 Summers (out July 27), we connected with Rome Hero Foxes lead guitarist Michael Fox to discuss gear, including his 1964 Fender Jaguar.
on Jul 12, 2018
Why is the new Father’s Son full-length from Floridian post-hardcore five-piece, LIMBS so heavy? Guitarists Jordan Hunter and Tyler Martin answer that question and talk amplifiers.
on Jul 10, 2018
With their Object of Desire EP due on July 27th, we got to know New York rock foursome, Black and Blue, with guitarist Liam Murray discussing his key gear and the new single, “High Friends in Low Places”.
on Jul 09, 2018
Famous Last Words continue to promote their Revival Recordings release, The Incubus, so we connected with guitarist Evan Foley to discuss gear; namely his custom, mahogany baritone “Telecaster” clone.
on Jun 21, 2018
Boss Keloid release their new album, Melted On The Inch, this Friday, so we chatted to guitarist Paul Swarbrick about how he captured such a "balls-heavy" tone...
on Apr 26, 2018
Guitarist Tony Harker of the Brighton, UK “emogaze” band, Harker, discusses some of his favourite gear, including the Strymon Deco and Spark Booster pedals.
on Apr 23, 2018
London-based electronic artist, Tony Njoku discusses the Studiologic Sledge synthesizer and how it helped capture the right sound on his sophomore studio recording, H.P.A.C., due April 27th via Silent Kid Records.
on Apr 08, 2018
On April 13th, alternative metalcore group, This Curse will release their new EP, From the Darkest of Places. We spoke with guitarist Joey Galletta about his gear, including the Ibanez RGIB6 and DiMarzio D Activator pickups.
on Apr 02, 2018
South Africa’s The Amblers have a raw yet polished folksy, dirty blues rock sound that merits further exploration. Currently working on their new album, we quickly caught up with guitarist and vocalist Justin Swart to chat gear.
on Mar 25, 2018
On March 9th, Bologna, Italy-based progressive metalcore/djent quintet, Prospective will release their sophomore studio recording, Unreal, so we hit up guitarist Luca Zini for some tech talk.
on Mar 06, 2018
Into The Great Divide is a band that has been absolutely on fire lately. We spoke to guitarist, bassist and keyboardist Zack Zalon to discuss his favorite gear, including his Kemper modeling amp.
on Jan 17, 2018
Detroit metalcorers A War Within had quite the 2017. We connected with guitarist Spencer Maybe to discuss some of his favorite gear, including his Kiesel DCM7 guitar.
on Jan 17, 2018
Guitarist Jaret Salvat-Rivera of Philadelphia, PA's psych/stoner/surf rock band, The Bad Larrys, shared some cool deets about his Fender Jaguar and other teachable tech....
on Jan 16, 2018
Issued via New York's ORISSA on November 3, 2017, Resurrection is a nine-track album that fans of all things prog or cinematic metal are going to love.
on Dec 30, 2017
Californian prog metal outfit Artificial Language talk tech. Guitarists Charlie Robbins and Victor Corral go over their Ernie Ball Music Man guitars
on Dec 15, 2017
We talk gear and the Egnater Armageddon with guitarist Kamran Oskouie of Tempe, Arizona's melodic hardcore quintet, Lifelink.
on Oct 17, 2017
Danish guitar virtuoso Quist knows his stuff and, thankfully, was not only down to talk gear, but also elaborated on his Strymon TimeLine Delay Pedal!
on Sep 26, 2017
We checked in with Birmingham, UK rock quartet A Promise To Forget to discuss some of the crucial gear used by drummer John Fleetwood.
on Sep 10, 2017
We connected with guitarist David Young of Reading, Pennsylvania's melodic hardcore five-piece Wither Away to better understand their heavy riffs!
on Aug 15, 2017


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