ALL Geared Up

We chatted with guitarist Joe Munoz of the Las Vegas, NV-based rock band, One Ton Project, about some of his fave gear, and how it impacts the group's sound.
on May 04, 2015
We spoke with Chris Brauer, bassist for the Berlin, Germany-based Punk Rock quintet Smile And Burn, about his Dunlop MXR M80 Bass d.i.+ pedal.
on May 02, 2015
Alex Campbell, guitarist for the Austin, TX-based modern rock band Seek Irony, recently chatted with us about his Boss GT-100 COSM Amp Effects Processor.
on Apr 03, 2015
We connected with Mazz-1, drummer for the New Orleans post-punk band The Pests, to learn about some of his gear, and how it helps to impact the band's well-known sound.
on Mar 12, 2015
With their new album, Karma Sown, due on March 31st, we asked Brian Dobbs, bassist for the Centreville, Virginia progressive hard rock/metal trio Iris Divine, about his MusicMan Stingray bass.
on Feb 26, 2015
What the shit is Brett Netson & Snakes? Well, for the uninitiated, it's a bad-ass music ensemble led by none other than Brett Netson. How does Brett get that crunchy, unique sound you ask? Well, we'll let him explain that one.
on Feb 18, 2015
Belgian occult rocker WIll Z., recently released his album Dark Tales of Will Z. on Headspin Records. The album is a doozy, inspired by the psychedelic world of Syd Barrett and the doomy leanings of early Black Sabbath. Will was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule and talk to us for a gear review. Read on and watch the site for a song stream from Will in the near future!
on Feb 06, 2015
Hailing from Indianapolis, the four-piece punk band ForeverAtLast are about to begin recording their debut for Victory Records. We checked in with guitarist Jordan Vickers and bassist Zeke Vasquez to learn about some of the gear they'll be using on the new album!
on Feb 05, 2015
We recently grabbed some time with Donnie Cuzens, one of Spook the Horses' three guitarists, to discern just how these guys get their sweet sound!
on Jan 31, 2015
We got some exclusive insight from guitarist extraordinaire, Zoltan Bathory, founder and one of the main songwriters of Five Finger Death Punch, into his sick new gear while he was at NAMM 2015 with Jeff Diamant of Diamond Guitars and Amplification.
on Jan 26, 2015
We chatted with Adrien L, guitarist for the Parisian metallic hardcore/sludge quintet Cowards, to discern just how he's able to get his sound so dark!
on Jan 21, 2015
I recently had the opportunity to speak with David Corral, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who performs under the moniker of L.A. Calling, about his favorite piece of gear.
on Jan 20, 2015
Dean Landry, guitarist for the New York-based hardcore/progressive metal band Tiger Flowers, spoke to me about the 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior guitar that he uses to achieve his unique tone.
on Jan 19, 2015
Patrick Hemer is one of the most respected guitarists in the world of hard rock. He has toured the globe, performed with many well-known artists, both on stage and in the studio, and is perhaps best known for his work with the German metal band, Horizon.
on Jan 18, 2015
Ryan Neff, bassist for the powerhouse metal band Miss May I, recently took a moment out of his incredibly busy schedule to answer a few questions about his gear setup.
on Jan 16, 2015
Abstracter are getting ready to unleash their new album February 10, 2015. We wanted to learn about Wound Empire's dark sound and as such talked gear with guitarist Robin Kahn.
on Jan 14, 2015
Oakland, CA-based Dimesland released the 8-track album Psychogenic Atrophy on December 9, 2014 and it's loaded with some furiously-played abstract metal.
on Jan 05, 2015
After premiering a brand new Sisters Of... song (see below), we decided to catch up with guitarist and bassist Chris Clark and find out a little bit more about his gear.
on Dec 17, 2014
We checked in with Gale guitarist and vocalist, Wilson Hensleigh, who talked to us about some of his gear.
on Dec 16, 2014
Miggs frontman and lead songwriter, Don Miggs, chats with us about his 1959 Fender Jazzmaster guitar and how it works into his band Miggs' music, and their latest single "Walls Come Down."
on Dec 08, 2014


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