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Life is hectic on and off the road for Tank, tattooist and vocalist for Leeds metal band Chasing Dragons so we had a chat to her about her fitness routine and how she keeps fit on the road.
on Apr 08, 2019
As part of our Pumping Metal series, we spoke with bassist Guy “Chuck” Checkarov of the London post-hardcore band Jack The Envious, about his love of fitness and exercise, and how he likes to stay active.
on Nov 14, 2018
To learn more about Phantom Anthem, we spoke with August Burns Red frontman Jake Luhrs who, as it turns out, is a health-conscious and driven individual. Perfect for a Pumping Metal feature!
on Oct 06, 2017
David Adam Monroe, frontman of Rochester, New York rockers The Plague, is down with fitness and told us about his routine and how it helps with his musical career.
on Aug 02, 2017
A chat with Ireland’s hottest metal export, Dead Label. Drummer Claire Percival on Slipknot, Bikram Yoga, and how exercise helps to keep her both coordinated and healthy on the road.
on Jun 23, 2017
Steve Menoian, lead guitarist for the The Detroit, MI-based hard-rocking, Fearless Records quartet that is I Prevail, shared with us how both weights and being a Vegan help him to maintain and enjoy his musical lifestyle.
on Oct 13, 2016
Recently, we checked in with Matt Diana, vocalist for the Tucson, Arizona metalcore men in Message to the Masses, to chat about all things Health and Fitness!
on Jul 25, 2016
So, just how do the Southern Lord Records metallars Like Rats throw down in the world of health and fitness? Guitarist Todd Nief was kind enough to elaborate....
on Jun 03, 2016
We spoke with Tyson Gay, lead singer of the industrial rock/metal quartet Everybody Panic!, about health, fitness and how his Gracie Jiu-Jitsu impacts not only his music, but also that of many other artists.
on May 25, 2016
We emailed with Andy Gerold (ex-Marilyn Manson, Ashes Divide, Rock of Ages) of Las Vegas, NV metal act There Is No Us to find out how health and fitness factor into his music.
on Apr 16, 2016
Recently, we emailed with Carly Quinn, bassist for New York-based rockers Midnight Mob, to discern how health and fitness factors into her musical lifestyle!
on Apr 12, 2016
With a new album due on March 25, 2016 via Napalm Records, we chatted about health and fitness with Candace Kucsulain, lead singer for Detroit, MI-based hardcore band, Walls Of Jericho.
on Mar 21, 2016
We checked in with Mike Hill, vocalist and guitarist for the Relapse Records metallers Tombs, to better understand how health and fitness plays a role in both his life and music.
on Mar 14, 2016


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