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Through music, singer and songwriter sam is on the right path forward and has joined us for a more serious edition of Purely Provocative where she offers a look into her personal struggles, to which many can relate.
on Oct 27, 2018
Toli and Denis of the Russian quintet Wildways literally just released their latest album Day X via Pale Chord. We didn’t ask one thing about the recording, instead opting for some off-colour questions.
on Sep 19, 2018
With their sophomore full-length, Nothing’s As It Should Be, due on June 15th, Torrance, CA rockers, The 131ers have debuted their “Crazy” video and got wacky with our Purely Provocative interview!
on May 23, 2018
No strangers to a grubby good time, we caught up with Dylan Slocum, frontman for the Los Angeles, CA-based punk quintet, Spanish Love Songs, and asked some of our more “out there” interview questions.
on Apr 19, 2018
Deuce is gearing up to release his sophomore solo album, Invincible, on December 1st via Better Noise Records and had some fun with our Purely Provocative interview.
on Nov 27, 2017
This is our Purely Provocative segment and, thanks to Californian rockers Vista Kicks, shit's about to get real!
on Nov 21, 2017
Dylan Walker of extreme grind machine Full of Hell, decided to forgo the usual album-related Q&A and opted for our Purely Provocative interview, discussing vomit, blood, showering and vampires.
on Jun 22, 2017
Jordan Dismuke, bassist for the Victory Records band Victorian Halls, was down to have some fun and answered a slew of our Purely Provocative questions.
on Apr 27, 2015
France's alternative band Ze Gran Zeft, are promoting the release of their debut album, JOI, so we asked lead vocalist Mathieu Boots Di Pilla some provocative questions....
on Apr 21, 2015
Alaskan-based metal act 36 Crazyfists have completed work on their seventh offering, Time and Trauma, and recently, drummer Kyle Baltus, took a moment out of his busy schedule to answer some off-the-wall questions.
on Jan 29, 2015
We recently streamed their track "Quickshit McGraw" (hear it below) and as a result decided to ask Golers frontman Charlie Goler to answer some purely provocative questions.
on Jan 04, 2015
Andrew Low, front man for the indie/punk act The Jazz June, took a brief moment out his schedule promoting the band's latest album, After The Earthquake (out November 11, 2014 via Topshelf Records), to answer some of our "Purely Provocative" questions for the readers of PureGrainAudio. Here is how the conversation went... funny dude and equally funny responses.
on Nov 16, 2014
Just who is Justin Symbol? Well, sidestepping the long-winded existential philosophical elaboration, he is a unique electronic/rock/industrial musician who resides in Brooklyn, New York. Dubbed "The King of Negativity," Symbol is known for not only bad-ass tunes, but also for being seriously boundary-pushing. Think Marilyn Manson, the toilet scene from 'Trainspotting,' Nine Inch Nails, the movie 'Requiem for a Dream,' Skinny Puppy and Atari Teenage Riot, The Garbage Pail Kids, and heroine-era Ministry, and you've got something like Justin Symbol. Fucked up? Yep! But we LOVE it that way. Check out this er... unique interview helping to promote his new release, V Ω I D H E A D.
on Nov 10, 2014
Rick Siegfried, drummer for the hard rock act Requiem, recently took a moment out of his busy schedule to answer some Purely Provocative questions for PureGrainAudio. The band's first studio album The Unexplainable Truth was released on October 28th, 2014 by Cleopatra Records and as such the group are pushing hard to promote their new music.
on Nov 09, 2014
I recently had a chance to sit and chat with Sean Danielsen, frontman of the hard rock band Smile Empty Soul, who'll be releasing his solo EP Food Chain on November 4th 2014 (pre-order it on iTunes or today). Danielsen was a good sport and took a moment to answer some of our "Purely Provocative" questions, here's what he had to say.
on Oct 22, 2014
Miss May I, the Troy, Ohio-based metalcore quintet, released their fourth studio album, Rise of the Lion, on April 25, 2014 via Rise Records. Boasting a sick mix of thrash, groove and various other metallic elements, Rise of the Lion is a metal recording of monstrous proportions. Currently touring the U.S. with Affiance, the band will play shows leading up to their performance on stage 003 at this year's Knotfest. We checked in with guitarist BJ Stead who humored us with some answers to some of our less-than-professional interview questions.
on Oct 14, 2014
Chris Kirkham aka Nim Vind is a solo musician from lovely Vancouver, Canada who today, October 14th, 2014, has released his brand new full-length album Saturday Night Seance Songs. We're offering up an exclusive stream of the recording in its entirety (see below), but wanted to also give you more of an in-depth look into the twisted mind of this amazing musician. Check out what Chris had to say when we dropped him some of our "Purely Provocative" interview questions.
on Oct 14, 2014
Old school death metal band Castle Freak just released their debut EP Still Rotting on Tridroid Records this past week. While the band may not yet be a household name, Still Rotting is definitely one of the best death metal EPs released in recent memory. To celebrate the release of this new recording, we had guitarist Zak Carter and vocalist/guitarist Andrew Gigan answer some less-than-professional questions for us.
on Oct 13, 2014
Blood In, Blood Out not only mark's Exodus' tenth studio album to date, but also the return of legendary vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza, who hasn't appeared on one of the group's albums since 2004's Tempo Of The Damned. The thrash metal monsters have a BIG album in store, one that even features a special guitar solo from Metallica's Kirk Hammett, and it's no wonder than that they've got Souza back to help lead the charge. In true rock and roll fashion, Souza humoured us and dropped some amazing answers in this no-holds-barred interview.
on Sep 08, 2014
Rhys Flannery, lead vocalist for the Australian powercore metal act, A Breach Of Silence, recently took a moment to answer some of our "Purely Provocative" questions. The band is busting their asses ahead of the October 7, 2014 release of their forthcoming album, The Darkest Road, and as such we wanted to help them promote it... by asking them ridiculous questions. Check out the stories and thoughts Flannery shared.
on Aug 23, 2014


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