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Boston, MA-based rock band, Crash Midnight, are hard at work prepping to release their debut album, Lost in the City, on October 20th, 2014. The band play lean and mean punk-infused rock and roll, and they're no strangers to humour! Recently, we sat down with Shaun Soho (lead vocals), Bo (bass), and Alex Donaldson (lead/rhythm guitar) to get their take on some of our Purely Provocative interview questions. Here's whet they had to say....
on Aug 05, 2014
Released on April 29th, 2014, Vae Victis is the latest offering from New York metal mammoths, Ikillya. Loaded with 9 purely pummeling songs, the Megaforce Records released Vae Victis, has garnered glowing reviews from many of metal's top websites. Rather than tell you why this album is good, we'll let you check out the music below and decide for yourself. Before then; however, here's what vocalist Jason Lekberg had to say when we asked him some of our more provocative questions.
on Jul 08, 2014
Rock/metal quintet Dead By April (featuring vocalist Christoffer Andersson, vocalist Zandro Santiago, guitarist Pontus Hjelm, bassist Marcus Wesslén, and drummer Marcus Rosell), released their latest 13-song recording, Let the World Know, on February 12, 2014. Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden the band is currently busting their asses to promote said new album and as such, we managed to grab some time with bass player Marcus Wesslén. We sent Wesslén a set of less then "ordinary" interview questions and here's how he responded.
on May 29, 2014
The UK's finest young hope for progressive death metal, Nexilva, released their new album, Eschatologies, on April 7th to solid reviews across the web (check out the song "The Misdirection of God" below). A unrelenting journey across the lands of deathcore, black, death, and technical metal, Eschatologies is a disarmingly progressive and mature release from an impressively young band (all aged from 20-22). We caught up with vocalist Gary King, guitarist Simon Atkinson, and bassist Ryan Banks and asked them some of our more provocative questions.
on May 09, 2014
I recently had a moment to speak with Matt Tybor (aka The Bunny) of the experimental, electro hardcore act, The Bunny The Bear. The band recently released their newest offering, The Food Chain, and are currently on the road in support thereof. Here is how the conversation went.
on May 07, 2014
Ah, The Used. This alternative rock foursome seems to always know how to produce increasingly complex, emotive and approachable new music while maintaining the specific signatures that A. make the The Used, The Used and B. have garnered them the accolades and droves of fans they already boast. It's no surprise then, that their April 1st, 2014 release, Imaginary Enemy, has been racking up positive reviews worldwide. this said, instead of your standard interview, bassist Jepha Howard tackled some of our Purely Provocative questions with both charming and hilarious results. Read up on it, yo!
on May 01, 2014
The Ottawa, Ontario grindcore brutes known as Fuck the Facts formed in the late 90s thanks in large to guitarist Topon Das. In the decades since, Topon has lead this band around the globe and to the forefront of the Canadian, as well as global, grind scene. With success continuing to follow the acclaimed group, they released Amer, their latest offering of bludgeoning sounds, on June 18th, 2013 to high critical praise. Ever the approachable individual, we wanted to avoid a "standard" interview and instead whipped off some fucked up questions to Mr. Das. Check out what he said...
on Apr 15, 2014
The Elmira, NY-based hard rock trio, Divot, is preparing to release their new EP To Shape The Mold (mixed by Mike Ferretti who's worked with Sevendust and Zakk Wylde) on May 13th, 2014. With influences that include Tool, Deftones, and Linkin Park, one can expect from the group's EP a combination of melodic vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and hard-hitting drum grooves that are reminiscent of Chevelle and Dead Poetic. We here at PureGrain like go against the grain so we asked vocalist/guitarist Cliff Hodson some controversial questions.
on Apr 10, 2014


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