ALL The Pentagram

We threw a dream catcher at Elvis DD, bassist for the kick-ass southern rock-rooted Hogjaw, and he said, "Fuck that, give me The Pentagram instead!!!"
on Sep 30, 2017
We chucked a crusty pentagram at Phobia vocalist Shane McLachlan and got this grindcore-approved reply in return! A7X is dumb, Jesus is shit, and grindcore won't get you laid.
on Jul 19, 2017
Let’s not beat around the Pentagram, Venom Inc. IS the “true” Venom. With a new album, Avé, due via Nuclear Blast we threw a pentagram the band's way....
on Jul 11, 2017
We threw The Pentagram at In the Presence of Wolves and not only got back some over-the-top responses, but also a plethora of sheet music and off-the-cuff new music to boot!
on Jun 01, 2017
When we threw The Pentagram at Nashville, Tennessee's Season of Arrows, we expected it to be returned to us covered in rhinestones and faded denim. Thankfully, it came back to us safe and metal-as-fuck!
on Apr 08, 2017
We start 2017’s Pentagram with Curezum. Who the hell are they? Just juxtapose The Cure and Burzum and voila, you have the most misery-laden, tribute band caked in black and white makeup. Get depressed!
on Feb 09, 2017
In this latest edition of The Pentagram, we were enlightened to some dirty details about The Damn Truth via their drummer, Dave Traina.
on Nov 22, 2016
We recently reached out to Coen Jannsen, keyboard player and pianist for the Nuclear Blast symphonic metal band Epica, to give us the skinny on their collection of coiffures (except his…), the Danish diet, and the color Orange.
on Oct 31, 2016
We at feel that you should become even more familiar with Monte Pittman, so we sent him one of our infamous Pentagrams for him to "get into the groove" and "express himself". Check it out!
on Oct 24, 2016
Richard Christy is THE PENTAGRAM! When we sent The Pentagram to the Charred Walls of the Damned (Metal Blade Records) drummer, it was covered blood and guts when we received it back from him....
on Oct 12, 2016
Famous Last Words' vocalist JT Tollas is a good sport. Why do we say that? Well, instead of promoting his band's LP, The Incubus, (September 30th via Revival Recordings), he tackled our "Pentagram" interview.
on Sep 27, 2016
The veteran-laden trio that is Serpentine Dominion let us brand them with a pentagram. Drummer Shannon Lucas weighs in on Corpsegrinder’s neck, Adam’s stage attire and the Hell that is Guitar Center.
on Sep 13, 2016
We heaved a spiked and studded pentagram at The Mahones’ lead vocalist and guitarist, Finny McConnell, and we received the following six-leaved clover in return!
on Sep 06, 2016
We tossed the Pentagram at "Human Furnace", lead singer of Relapse Records quintet Ringworm, expecting to just get ashes in return. Much to our surprise, the interview returned with only some slight charring.
on Aug 11, 2016
We decided to chuck a Pentagram at Marianas Trench lead guitarist, Matt Webb, to find out what they think about their band name, Donald Trump and turning into fat, old rockers. Why? Because it’s what we do!
on Jul 22, 2016
Haphazardly we ran out of Pentagrams, so we found the perfect replacement for the Montreal-based Prosthetic Records progressive metal band, Heaven's Cry… the six-pointed Fleur-de-Lis. This is what guitarist Eric Jarrin had to say.
on May 31, 2016
We recently passed the pentagram to Florida's doom, sludge and heavy metal band Hollow Leg and this is what Brent Lynch (guitars/backing vox) threw back at us. Arrr matey!
on May 24, 2016
We recently reached out Static Tension Recordings Thrash Metal band War Curse to be the sacrificial lamb for our new interview series entitled "Five Points of the Pentagram". Let’s get this mosh pit started!
on May 12, 2016


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