Interview with Dog Fashion Disco frontman Todd Smith

- Mar 27, 2006 at 05:53PM
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Dog Fashion Disco’s latest album Adultery, will be released on April 4, 2006 (see review in review section for more details). After their CD release party on March 31st they will begin a U.S. tour that will last for over two months. In the following interview with frontman Todd Smith, Dog Fashion Disco’s music, Adultery, and future plans are discussed.

Adultery is clearly a theme inspired album. What was the reasoning behind taking this approach to writing the album, and why this particular theme?
Todd: I just came up with the idea and ran with it. It was kind of overwhelming to take this on but rum helped me focus. No newer metal bands that I can think of have done a concept record so we figured why not?

Was this approach to writing different from how Dog Fashion Disco wrote their previous albums?
Todd: Most definitely. Jasan our guitar player and I split the writing duties and collaborated on recording ideas on pro-tools for about a month. We had just pieces of music all over the place and a real challenge was making the songs and ideas flow and seem cohesive.

The music of Dog Fashion Disco is a blend of various styles. Is this merger of styles intentional and pre-meditated, or something that just happened as a result of your musical influences and interests?
Todd: We've been mixing styles since we started. It's probably from being into different styles of music and inspired to mix them into our music. A lot of bands have albums full of songs that all sound the same. It sounds like all the songs were written in one afternoon.

What are you hoping Adultery will accomplish for you, what are your expectations of it?
Todd: I hope we sell enough records to recoup and split some money so I can buy a mid-nineties Honda. That’s my dream at this point. It really doesn’t take much to please us.

How do these expectations differ from those of earlier Dog Fashion Disco albums (if at all)?
Todd: We always, of course, want to see our records be some sort of success, but I have a good feeling about this record. I just want to make steps up as far as drawing more people and selling more records than we ever have before.

What is the band’s attitude towards Adultery? How do you rank it amongst your albums in terms of creativity, general flow/overall effect, and musicianship?
Todd: It's the best thing we've ever done hands down. I can't believe how well it turned out to be honest with you. Steve Wright @ Wrightway studios is a great producer and I could always bounce ideas off him and I would respect his opinion.

You are about to start a long tour. How does Dog Fashion Disco approach gigging, what is the attitude on stage and how does it relate to the music?
Todd: I'm excited to get out on the road again; we haven’t been out in over a year. We are relaxed on the road, just trying to have a good time. We always hang with the fans and it's like a big party every night.

Has this attitude towards touring/gigging been the same for you throughout all your tours or has it changed over time?
Todd: We've always been mellow about touring and it’s for the most part, the most enjoyable part of being in a band.

What is the next project or future plan for Dog Fashion Disco after this tour is completed?
Todd: We'll go to Europe and then come back to the States and tour and tour and tour some more. I already got ideas and some songs for the next record right now, so we could find ourselves back in the studio by early 2007. But who knows, I'm just really enjoying the positive response Adultery is receiving.

Todd: Thanks for the interview!  [ END ]
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