Interview with Dropping Daylight guitarist Seth Davin

- Sep 15, 2006 at 05:57PM
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“We love being out on the road, we love playing shows every night and making friends with outer bands.” These are the words of Seth Davin, guitarist with Octone recording artist Dropping Daylight. The band is in the middle of the Vans Warped Tour supporting their debut release Brace Yourself. The record, which has only been out for a few weeks is being received by the crowds and the band is enjoying their time on the road as part of a summer tradition. Seth recently took a moment out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about the band and the tour.

Are you guys being received pretty well out their on the tour?
Seth: Oh yeah, the response has been really good and we are making friends with a bunch of different bands. It is a blast out here.

How has Brace Yourself been received?
Seth: It sounds as if everyone is enjoying the CD very much. I think the only complaint we have been receiving is that the record is too short. I mean there are eleven songs on it but it is only a little bit over a half hour long. The fans have been eating it up.

Do you have any good stories from this tour?
Seth: When we were in Phoenix and Rob our bass player went into the portable toilet to do his morning business this fork lift driver came by and, picked up the toilet. He moved it across the parking lot and placed it behind the main stage and Rob got out right in front of all of these people, it was hilarious.

How do you think you guys have grown as songwriters and musicians over the years?
Seth: We as musicians are always evolving and kind of learning new things and getting better. Since we started the band we always knew we wanted to be a piano fronted rock band and it took us number of years to figure out how to do that. We wrote a lot of songs and our record could have gone in a number of different directions. It is funny going back and listening to demos when we were just starting and figuring out what we wanted to do. We are really proud of this record and we are going to keep writing and getting better.

What is the meaning behind Dropping Daylight?
Seth: When we were coming up with band names we had thought of hundreds of them and they were all crap. Our bass player Rob tried to come up with a name that summed up how our last few years had been. The last couple years had been really good for us because we got signed and hooked up with management but we also had family problems and band issues we were dealing with so he came up with Dropping, being a negative term and Daylight, being more positive. It kind of was like putting a negative and a positive together, which is kind of the way we were feeling at the time.

Are there any tracks on the record that are personal favorites of yours or that have any special meaning behind them?
Seth: I don’t know man; it changes all of the time. Like right now I think that my favorite song is the last one "Till You Feel Something." I think that the music is fun to listen and it is about being away from the people that you care about the most, which we have to put up with a lot being in the band. All of our families are at home and it gets hard being away from everyone especially now that we are out on road. I think right now that song hits home for me.

What inspires you when you guys write?
Seth: Everything. I mean inspiration for songs comes from all sides of the spectrum. I think that is one of my problems with bands nowadays because they don’t allow songs to come from other places other than just girls. I don’t know, there are so many different things that you can write about. Mainly we just write about the things that happen in our lives whether it is an obstacle we are trying to overcome or it is some funny goofy thing that has happened to us.

Tell me about a book or two you have read that you think others should read?
Seth: I just finished reading Dante’s "Inferno." Which is a really good book but is a very heavy read. I really liked that and I am just about to start "Slaughter House Five," I am down with the classics, I really like older books.

What is next for Dropping Daylight?
Seth: Well we have four more shows on this tour and then we are going to go out for six weeks with Breaking Benjamin. We will be staying in the states right now and we are trying to get something set up for overseas.  [ END ]
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