Interview with Jamies Elsewhere guitarist Matt Scarpelli

- Mar 12, 2010 at 11:44AM
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Matt Scarpelli the guitarist from Jamie’s Elsewhere was more than happy to chat with me about the bands newest disc, They Said A Storm Was Coming. While many bands fall into the dreaded sophomore slump and fade into oblivion after their second release these guys have avoided that trap altogether and produced and incredible follow-up disc. They Said A Storm Was Coming is a heavy and melodic testament to the bands maturity as musicians and songwriters. After listening to this disc it is evident, they have fully come into their own, proving they are a force to be reckoned with.

Now that your brand new CD, They Said A Storm Was Coming has been released, how do you feel about it and are you satisfied with the outcome?
Matt: I am really satisfied with the outcome. We worked really hard on this album, for almost eight months out of the year. Me and Mike just locked ourselves in a room and just kind of started writing riffs. Aaron, our singer, is an amazing songwriter and he has his own studio. We did all of our sampling and pre-production there. We put a lot more time into it and so far, it has been getting some great reviews.

Did you guys all write together?
Matt: Yeah we all put it together in that studio and did all of the pre-production.

How long did the recording process take?
Matt: We flew to Orlando, Florida and it took three weeks to record it.

Give us some insight into the title of the new disc They Said A Storm Was Coming.
Matt: Our singer actually wrote the concept about a mapmaker in the 1800’s. It is kind of dark story.

I have to ask you. The name of the band Jamie’s Elsewhere is somewhat different what is the story behind it?
Matt: Well me and my brother, who was the original drummer, started back in 2005 and my dad was a musician in Chicago who played with big bands and stuff. He always used to tell us stories about a bunch of stuff that happened back then. We just took our name from a club called Jamies’s Elsewhere. I think it has since burnt down now.

Musically how would you say you guys have progressed from your previous release?
Matt: We have progressed a lot and I think our newer stuff is much better.

What song on the album do you feel most satisfied with?
Matt: I pretty much love them all. However, "Visions Of Sleep" is probably one of my favorites because it is so hard hitting.

What songs do you get the best audience response to?
Matt: "Giants Among Common Men" had a really big buzz when we posted it up as a demo.

How much roadwork do you expect to be doing in 2010?
Matt: We are hoping to do a lot. Coming this April, we are going on tour with Lower Definition and we will be touring the whole West Coast. After that, we plan on touring through the whole summer and fall. We are trying to be on tour full time.

How do you think the current economic slump is affecting Jamie’s Elswwhere?
Matt: It kind of sucks. A lot of people do not have much money to come out to our shows and see us play. The gas prices are ridiculous especially back on the East coast in New York and stuff. I just remember back in the day when our shows were always packed. Things seem to get worse by the year with less people are showing up. Only the big shows are selling out now.

What is the toughest lesson you have learned since the release of your first CD?
Matt: Go into the studio knowing what you want and make sure you choose the right producer who will work with your sound.

Any closing words?
Matt: Come see us on tour. We are always down to meet new friends and pick up They Said A Storm Was Coming, I promise you will not be disappointed.  [ END ]
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