Otis Silver Interview on His Influences, Musical Motivations, and New Full-Length Album 'From Rising To Dawning Son'

- Dec 12, 2017 at 12:52PM
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Since releasing his very first EP, Eternal Youth, back in 2015, Otis Silver has been on the rise. The young Oshawa star was invited to a multi-performance showcase shortly after and came home on top. Since then, his creativity, craft and groovy tunes have not gone unnoticed.

This led to the release of two more EPs -- Flowers and The Application -- on route to musical greatness. The pursuit of happiness doesn't seem so far off now for the young hip-hop artist. His new single "Catch Me If You Can" is only a sample, for more is to come next year in his first-ever full-length, From Rising to Dawning Son. We sat down with Otis Silver to discuss his influences, his motivations and his hopes in the game.

Describe your early life in Oshawa. What were some moments that drove you to become a hip-hop artist?
Otis Silver: My early life in Oshawa was very chill and interesting, I've been a stage kid since the moment I knew that I could make sounds form my voice whether they were good or bad. Becoming an artist was not a big idea in my mind and did not surface until one of my friends had dropped a track when we were in grade 10 and it got 10,000 views. That was the coolest thing to me, he got so much attention and I was a little jealous that I didn't try it before he did and that's where the spark of artistry had begun within me. But, over time I've come to realize that music is not about being popular, there is so much to be explored within music and so much happiness.

Who were some of your favorite hip-hop artists? Who influenced you the most to create your style?
Silver: To be very honest, my friends, family, and life experience influence my styles. I have made a lot of effort not to sound like anybody because at the end of the day I want to explore a completely new field of music. But if you're asking about artist like it would be Micheal Jackson, Will.i.am, Marvin Gaye, Daft Punk, Tribe Called Quest.

Your first EP Eternal Youth, it was self-released. How did you do it?
Silver: The few months before the end the of 2015 I had bought a mic, dropped three songs that I thought were pretty sick at the time so I decided in December to write and drop an EP on my birthday at the end of that month.

You are now signed with Numpack Records. Who got you in there? How do you believe their vision will help you make it to the top?
Silver: The Numpack is actually a music collective that Damian and myself had started in order to approach music as an independent artist but we hope for our group to become a collective of creative individuals.

Your single "Catch Me If You Can" continues to make headlines. Did you expect this was going to be the top song so far?
Silver: I was exploring a new vibe with that song, so I'm really glad the song I being taken well by many of the people I've shown it to.

In your new upcoming album From Rising to Dawning Son, you have worked with Myles Million, WAIKO and Pierce. Describe how they have helped you with this album?
Silver: All those guys have been sick to work with because they bring a new dynamic to my music that I am not used to. I love new vibes because it helps me expend to new areas I'm not used to and the music helps make my ties and experiences with these guys so much fuller.

In your new album, what message are you trying to convey to your audience?
Silver: I'm trying to show a little hope, a little heart and a lot of good times. Unlock your groovy feels. And keep that feeling from From Rising To Dawning Son.

What are you waiting for? Stream “Catch Me If You Can” now!

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