Interview with SOiL guitarist Shaun Glass

- Aug 23, 2005 at 03:24PM
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Greg Darva recently spoke with SOiL guitarist, Shaun Glass. They talked about, the upcoming album, influences, and the recent lineup change among other things.

Who are you? What band are you in? And what do you do in the band?
Shaun: Hey I'm Shaun and I'm in the band SOiL and I do play guitar.

When are we going to get a new Soil album?
Shaun: We're looking at early 2006 to put out the new album, we just completed the writing and also are about to sign to the new LABEL for the soil!

How have people taken to the new vocals AJ brings to the band?
Shaun: I think it has been amazing and especially from the live front he really gels with us and has such a great vocal range, he can do the heavy shit but not sound too deathy and do the melodic stuff as well.

Any new changes in the sound of Soil that we can expect in the near future?
Shaun: I think we have our SOUND down but we always will grow on it, once the listener hears this album they will know its Soil but yet with AJ it will show the growth in the vocal area.

What was it like to be a part of the Dimebag tribute show?
Shaun: An honor; and the energy in that room that night was magical, disturbed did a great job organizing something special for our fallen brother. RIP DIME.

Who do you think is the worst new band out these days? And why?
Shaun: Damn that is a tough one maybe my chemical romance, that shit is just plain gay I don't get how all these bands want to look like the misfits and write pop songs c'mon your not hard.

If all of Soil got in a big rumble, who would win?
Shaun: I don't know maybe AJ haha when were drunk enough we do play slap club but AJ hasn't played it yet and I'm not too sure if I want him in the game yet haha.

Can you run down your current rig?
Shaun: Randall xl's cabs, line 6 flextone head, and a boss gate!

Name some underground bands you think people should check out.
Shaun: Reignition is one of my fave new unsigned bands and for metal I think TRIVIUM is bad ass and slays 95 % of the so called metal bands on the scene now.

Any Last Words?
Shaun: Prepare for us on tour in 2006 and looking forward to seeing you all out @ the gigs!
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