Interview with Summer Hero guitarist Jimmy Thomas

- Mar 08, 2006 at 03:42PM
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"SUMMERHERO" what can I say? Other than that, I believe that they will live up to their name. This band from Oshawa, Ontario has just been recently signed to Blackbox Recordings and will soon be releasing their debut album, which they finished recording earlier this week! I managed to set up my first ever interview with this awesome band and needless to say, guitarist Jimmy Thomas stole my interview virginity....

Where did you come up with the name "Summer Hero"?
Jimmy: The name Summerhero is a movie term. Every year when movies are coming out there is a "summer hero" in action movies, etc....

How long has everyone in the band known each other? How did you meet?
Jimmy: I've known Seres since I was 13 skateboarding with his older brother. I put his first rented drum kit together for him... Lane and Mikesmith went to high school together, and Leblanc was just some bum on a street we felt bad for, so we asked'm to join. Haha

Who/what influences you (personally) in your music?
Jimmy: You know, everyone in a band will probably say "everything influences me," but It’s true, it does... what I/we write, always comes from things that happen to us, things we've seen or been through, people we love etc... all somehow filters into our music.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you guys play?
Jimmy: Ok, picture it... a candle lit dinner, and a bottle of wine... one side of the table is Foo Fighters, and on the other is Strung Out. The night’s going well, Foo Fighters are cracking some jokes and being witty, and Strung Out is laughing and falling for the Foo's; both are having a few drinks and letting the wine take them wherever it wants. The night goes so well that it ends with a little horizontal "HOO YAH!" and a busted condom.... 9 months later... Summerhero.

Who do you and the band as a whole write your songs for? (target audience)
Jimmy: We write songs that we're stoked on. We've never had a game plan of an age bracket or a group of people that we ONLY want listening to our band. We're stoked on anyone that wants to listen!

Who or what are your musical influences?
Jimmy: We're really into showtunes, and barbershop quartet kinds of shit, you know, stuff that’s really got a "flamboyance" to it, we definitely sweat to the oldies!

How does your personality help you express yourself musically?
Jimmy: I don't want to be that guy with the, we get to vent kind of comment... but there is no better feeling in the world, no matter how your feeling before hand, than being on a stage, in a small club with a ton of sweaty kids killing it while your playing! It’s amazing!

What do you hope to accomplish with "Summer Hero"?
Jimmy: We never set out goals for ourselves, other than write songs that we're stoked on and hope in turn other people are as well, and always make sure it’s fun. So in that sense, we're constantly accomplishing our goals so fuck it, everything else is just gravy baby!

What would you say your band's goals are?
Jimmy: To write and put out music that we love and tour the planet, for as long as we humanly can.

Is there someone in your band that has taken a leadership role?
Jimmy: There are definite leadership things going on, but in the end everyone has a say, and a voice.... Some just might not matter as much as others, ha! I'm kidding.

Would you consider yourself or Mark the lead guitarist, or do you share the part?
Jimmy: We share the part really. If there’s a lead and a back up at the same time, we figure out who can sing it best, and then the other person usually takes the riff.

How were you noticed by Blackbox recordings (when, where, etc)?
Jimmy: We've been friends with the Fullblast for a long time, and have toured a bunch with'm. Ian from the Blast is co-owner of the label... so I wouldn't say we were "noticed" by Blackbox, maybe they just felt sorry for us? Haha.

What’s the title of your new album? What inspired this name if anything?
Jimmy: The title of the album is "Sound Canvas." I read it in a book, and to me it felt like the best way to describe a record for us.

When do you plan on releasing it for your fans to purchase?
Jimmy: We just finished tracking the album last week, so once the mixes and mastering is done, we'll have a release date. Just keep checking and for release info.

What are your upcoming tour plans to promote the album?
Jimmy: We don't have anything solid enough that I want to start talking about yet, but once the record is released, expect to see us everything for the rest of the year. All over Canada, and in the States. I will say that we're doing at least a week on the Warped this year.

Do you have a personal favourite song on the album and why?
Jimmy: I'd have to say my favourite song is going to be a song called "Leave the Light On"… pretty much because everything was so fucking last minute with it, it’s insane! We tracked the song, before we'd every tried to put melodies to it, so once it was time to record it, we got a copy of the song, and me and Lane sat in his room writing the song in the morning, and were tracking it by 5pm the same night, and I'm just in love with the way the song turned out! Sometimes it’s the last minute songs that just come out the best!

Where do you find your musical motivations, and what does song writing mean to you?
Jimmy: Seeing music live is what amps me! Going and seeing bands I know and love is amazing for me. Like this weekend for Canadian music week. Seeing bands that are friends of ours just kill it in front of kids stokes me out so much it’s insane! Watching Cauterize, The Fullblast, Sydney, Rosesdead, and Crush Luther this weekend all gave me goose bumps at different times, and that’s amazing! That’s one of the best feelings in the world! Song writing is amazing because there are no rules... anything goes! It’s definitely a way of therapy for people on the writing and listening side, and there are few things more exciting!

Other then touring, what does your band have planned for the future?
Jimmy: Other than touring, we'll be shooting a video, hopefully putting out some acoustic stuff, not to mention just hanging out being dudes!

Anything you'd like to add?
Jimmy: Pick up the album when it’s done; check out all the bands on, and our friends at There is amazing music in our little, cold Canadian scene!  [ END ]
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