Tattoo Talk: Terror Drummer Nick Jett Discusses First, Favourite, Fan, and Face Tattoos!

- Jul 08, 2015 at 10:58AM
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Los Angeles hardcore heavyweights, Terror, are a bad-ass group of talented dudes who are set to release The 25th Hour, their newest slab of heaviness, on August 7th via Victory in the U.S. and Century Media in Europe. Always trying to get random and cool new info, we recently asked drummer Nick Jett about some of his tattoos.

When, where and what was your first tattoo?
Jett: Got my first joint when I was 17. Skull and crossbones with flames behind it on my shoulder. Got it done in a house in North Hollywood, CA.

Do any of your tattoos have a particularly special meaning behind them? If so, do share man!
Jett: Yeah, the one on my back. It says "Fuck You".

Do you have a specific shop or artist that you frequent (insert shameless plug time!)?
Jett: Robert Atkinson.

Have you seen any fans with a band tattoo, anything crazy memorable?
Jett: One of our fans had the Terror Logo on their forehead.

We know you have one... tell us about that stoned/drunken joke-tattoo you once got....
Jett: I don't drink or smoke.

If you HAD to get someone's face tattooed on you, who’s would it be and why?
Jett: Guwop. Cause he's my idol. Brrr.

Check out the song "The Solution" here.

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