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We spoke with drummer Zel Kaute, of heavy rock trio Vôdûn to discuss the band’s latest album Ascend (New Heavy Sounds Records), divergent listening habits, the spirit of renewal, and whether or not our ancestors had it better.
on Sep 20, 2018
Toli and Denis of the Russian quintet Wildways literally just released their latest album Day X via Pale Chord. We didn’t ask one thing about the recording, instead opting for some off-colour questions.
on Sep 19, 2018
Johannesburg’s Knave left the scene five years ago but will be returning for a one-off show organized by Brochella. PGA caught up with the band to talk about the past, present, and future.
on Sep 18, 2018
Here in the UK, there are plenty of things that make us proud to be British so we put a few to punk rockers YOUTH KILLED IT and asked them, what's so great, Britain?
on Sep 18, 2018
A name synonymous with synthesizer music for forty years now, Gary Numan spoke with us prior to his Toronto date at The Phoenix Concert Theatre about his latest record Savage, his bandmates, and his longevity.
on Sep 17, 2018
Ahead of their new album, Dhyana, vocalist/guitarist and songwriter Mark Jansen talks exclusive in this trailer about the song-writing process within the band.
on Sep 17, 2018
We recently connected with Bristol, UK punk rockers The Run Up for a fun, lighthearted talk about drinking and having fun while young and touring. Here’s what bassist Daniel Baker had to say...
on Sep 15, 2018
We got to speak with Poland grindcore legends Bottom, who handed out some scathing and brutal insights on the nature of politics in their home country and their designs on waking up the next generation.
on Sep 13, 2018
Hailing from Basel, Switzerland, we spoke with members of noise rock band Asbest about their new album Driven, transgenderism, gender equality and more.
on Sep 12, 2018
The Beach Boys' Bruce Johnston reflects on the band's latest release The Beach Boys With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, among other highlights of his and the band's storied career.
on Sep 11, 2018
Slay Duggee and their spin on heavy metal directed at young children may not be for everyone, but the band has brought a much needed lighthearted mood to the genre. We learn more about what this intriguing act is all about.
on Sep 10, 2018
We recently chatted with drummer and vocalist Sam Trenchard of the grindcore group Human Cull. We covered their early days and transitioned into an in-depth discussion of the writing and recording process behind their latest release, Revenant.
on Sep 08, 2018
Mudhoney’s Mark Arm spoke with us about his band's new Sub Pop Records release, Digital Garbage, eating terrible food on tour, the Judgement Night soundtrack, and oh so much more!
on Sep 05, 2018
Last year’s The Blood Of Gods album via Metal Blade Records aside, we focus on all things food, plus the GWARbar, in this interview with Blöthar of GWAR.
on Sep 04, 2018
Drummer Trey Williams elaborates on Dying Fetus’ latest Relapse Records release, Wrong One to Fuck With, branching off towards audiences of other heavy music, and differences in North American and European heavy metal scenes.
on Sep 03, 2018
We chatted with Dylan Villain, vocalist of the Canadian rock group THE WILD!, about Toronto, Bovine Sex Club, their live show, and Entertainment One release Wild At Heart.
on Sep 01, 2018
We had the pleasure of doing some Q&A with Spooky Cool’s lead singer Zac Hryciak about the group’s new EP Every Thing Ever, the music scene in the band’s hometown of Richmond, Virginia, and Zac’s other hobbies.
on Aug 31, 2018
We spoke with Aaron Weaver, drummer for Wolves In The Throne Room, about the finer points of speaking with the forest, recording Thrice Woven, and their upcoming, massive fall tour.
on Aug 30, 2018
Arriving September 21st, via Spinefarm Records, Dominion is the newest album from Dragonlord, Eric Peterson’s (Testament) solo project. Dominion will be Peterson’s third solo album, and it’s easily his most ambitious Dragonlord album to date.
on Aug 29, 2018
In this gear-focused chat, Jesse Jensen, of electronic duo Jane In Space, tells us more about his love for the Elektron Octatrack used in the recording of their recent Aion Records release Gorerunner.
on Aug 28, 2018


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