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In this exclusive trailer, German alternative rock newcomers Breathe Atlantis talk about various aspects involved in the recording of recent single "Cold".
on Jan 29, 2019
For today’s Geared Up interview, LOVEBITES’ supremely talented Miyako gives insight into her gear collection, which forms an integral part of the top-quality NWOBHM sound that new album Clockwork Immortality holds (out now via JPU Records).
on Jan 28, 2019
Having just dropped their new album Built to Destroy, which followed confirmation of their main stage slot at this year’s Bloodstock Festival, now seemed like a good time to have a chat to Richie Cavalera from groove metallers Incite.
on Jan 25, 2019
A Pale Horse Named Death mastermind, Sal Abruscato speaks to us about the band’s new SPV Records release, When The World Becomes Undone, depression, touring, and much more.
on Jan 24, 2019
Strip clubs, Russian customs and much more, you could never accuse life on the road with Nottingham metallers The Five Hundred of being dull. Mark from the band spoke to us about their experiences ahead of their upcoming dates supporting Shvpes.
on Jan 24, 2019
We had the pleasure of speaking with Jake Burns, lead singer and guitarist of Stiff Little Fingers, to discuss his band’s influential history, Canadian tours, and what lies ahead for them.
on Jan 23, 2019
Fancy some spiky, quirky art-punk with a distinct mod twist and a bucket-load of energy? Step up, Perennial. With debut album The Symmetry of Autumn Leaves comes a fleeting ball of raucousness and experimentation, and with album number two coming soon, we spoke with the band to discuss the past eighteen months.
on Jan 22, 2019
Dave Ellefson of Megadeth and Frank Bello of Anthrax just released the album Get It Out under the moniker Altitudes & Attitude. We spoke with Ellefson at length about working with Bello and the new music.
on Jan 21, 2019
UK Prog rock act Temples On Mars are set to make an appearance later this January in South Africa. We get all the juicy deets from vocalist and guitarist James Donaldson about sharks, names, and Primordial Records.
on Jan 18, 2019
After a prolific 2018 with a full-length, three EPs and a split EP, Baton Rouge quintet Thou continue to live outside any presupposed musical confines. We caught up with Mitch Wells and Bryan Funck to discuss their influences while they handed us a Thou-curated playlist!
on Jan 17, 2019
We caught up Reverend Beat-Man and Nicole Izobel Garcia to briefly discuss their history, the Voodoo Rhythm Records release, Baile Bruja Muerto, and other facets of life they’ve encountered on their treks through the Old and New World.
on Jan 16, 2019
Maryland hard rockers Clutch released their latest album, Book of Bad Decisions, back in September and, while at Riot Fest in Chicago, we spoke with guitarist Tim Sult about the music, their origins, and a whole lot of randomness.
on Jan 15, 2019
Ahead of the release of their new album, 'Everyone Around Me', through Sharptone Records this week, Commonwealth frontman Tyler St.Clair talks about the challenges facing bands these days. Check out this exclusive video clip here.
on Jan 15, 2019
Born of Osiris’ Lee McKinney collaborates once again with Kiesel - whom he dubs “the people’s guitar company” - in a stunning signature headless guitar, the same used on the recent Sumerian release, The Simulation.
on Jan 14, 2019
We spoke with Canadian rap/metal band, Fatal Switch, and lead singer Steven Tobin dished on the group’s major musical influences, the story behind the “Who We Are” music video, and then some.
on Jan 11, 2019
We spoke with SoCal group LAW’s Jakob Nowell and discussed the band’s latest album There And Back Again, Sublime’s legacy, LAW’s future and much more.
on Jan 10, 2019
Intrigued by South Florida brother and sister duo The Haunt, we spoke to Maxamillion Haunt about their beginnings, debut EP, elaborate and original music videos, plus their recent tour with Palaye Royale.
on Jan 09, 2019
In this exclusive video clip, Bjorn and David from Swedish melodic metal titans Soilwork talk about the band and the hugely influential Swedish metal of the '90s.
on Jan 09, 2019
We spoke with singer Maurice Swinkels and lyricist Tony Manero of Dutch metal quartet Legion of the Damned about touring and recent Napalm Records release, Slaves of the Shadow Realm.
on Jan 07, 2019
We caught up with Dominik Goncalves dos Reis from doom metal band Downfall of Gaia and put his group in the crosshairs for a bit of a chinwag regarding their new Metal Blade record, Ethic of Radical Finitude.
on Jan 04, 2019


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