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PureGrainAudio gives you Patrik, an up-and-coming Toronto area hip-hop artist. We spoke to him about his life, the Toronto hip-hop scene, religion, and most importantly, his new EP Spadina.
on Nov 16, 2018
We spoke with grunge-pop artist Celeste Tauchar, aka Talker, about her career, her youth, time in the band Frenship, and lovely new music.
on Nov 15, 2018
As part of our Pumping Metal series, we spoke with bassist Guy “Chuck” Checkarov of the London post-hardcore band Jack The Envious, about his love of fitness and exercise, and how he likes to stay active.
on Nov 14, 2018
Scottish rockers GUN are into the thirtieth year of their career so we spoke to the band to look back at the past and see what the future holds in store for them.
on Nov 13, 2018
We spoke to Henry Derek Elis, vocalist for the metal band Act Of Defiance and former Scar The Martyr member alongside ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, about his very un-metal new album The Devil Is My Friend.
on Nov 12, 2018
Rob Hill, guitarist for Winnipeg, Manitoba’s post-punk foursome Softswitch, talks about his gear and how it impacted the band’s Steve Albini and Bob Weston-assisted Happiness EP.
on Nov 11, 2018
Please meet Rebel Rampage, a Los Angeles, CA-based raw, protest rock trio that’s currently promoting their debut album Divided We Fall (October 5th), the soundtrack to many a mini revolt over the coming months. Time to talk booze....
on Nov 10, 2018
Goathammer has put Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, of all places, on the map when it comes to death metal music. We spoke to the band about their origins, their new album Ceremony of Morbid Destruction, and how they signed with Hells Headbangers.
on Nov 09, 2018
American extreme metallers, Revocation, recently released their punishing new album, The Outer Ones, via Metal Blade Records and we’re featuring Tom Strom’s “Cosmic horror-influenced” album cover art in this edition of And Justice for Art.
on Nov 08, 2018
We spoke with Antonin Le Coz, one of the two guitarist and vocalists in French ambiant metal band Ingrina about the themes on their new Tokyo Jupiter Records release Etter Lys, playing live in unusual places, and handling two drummers.
on Nov 07, 2018
We like to change it up and not always just focus on the musical side of things, so we spoke to Kings of Spade drummer Matt Kato about his awesome “body” of tattoos. The band’s new self-titled album is out now via Soundly Music.
on Nov 06, 2018
Etienne Goldberg, also known by his musical stage name Falgar, speaks to us about the reissue of his third record La dama del alba, and touches on some new music coming very, very soon.
on Nov 05, 2018
In this Geared Up interview we spoke with Alex Paul, guitarist for the Manchester, New Hampshire instrumental post-rock group Girih, about his Electro-Harmonix HOG.
on Nov 03, 2018
Scott Vogel, vocalist for the hardcore stars Terror, discusses the band’s new album Total Retaliation, how he sees the worlds of hardcore and hip-hop connecting, signing with Pure Noise Records, and more.
on Nov 01, 2018
We caught up with Bloodbath guitarist Anders Nyström at the tail end of a press junket to ask about revamped expectations, black metal’s new wind, and the uptick of UK death metal content on the band’s new Peaceville Records album.
on Oct 31, 2018
In our new Geared Up interview, Rob Morrow of The Rob Morrow Band shares some insight on his Collings I-35 deluxe electric guitar, plus his Taylor six and twelve-string acoustics.
on Oct 29, 2018
Through music, singer and songwriter sam is on the right path forward and has joined us for a more serious edition of Purely Provocative where she offers a look into her personal struggles, to which many can relate.
on Oct 27, 2018
Kaleido vocalist Christina Chriss joins us for some “tattoo talk” wherein she covers her ink history, her “bad side” and the special tattoo dedicated to the memory of her late grandmother.
on Oct 26, 2018
Saves The Day founder Chris Conley chats in depth about the story behind the band’s ninth studio album 9, his love for songwriting, having a loyal and appreciative fanbase, the possible return of The Bug Sessions.
on Oct 25, 2018
In our latest Geared Up interview, Kevin Lee of Kevin Lee & The Kings tells us more about his Orange Dual Terror guitar head and single 12" Vintage 30 Celestion speaker.
on Oct 24, 2018


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