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Having been around in the ‘90s, South African rockers, Lithium, have reemerged with a few battle scars. PureGrainAudio got talking with David Beretta Owens about the band, their history, and the future.
on Dec 24, 2018
Hip-hop performer Otis Mensah has a new EP out titled Mum’s House Philosopher and it is an album not to miss. We spoke with the artist about his new EP, what artists he truly looks up to, and what’s next for him.
on Dec 22, 2018
South Africa’s Zombies Ate My Girlfriend and their production crew, reveal the sweat and tears behind the making of their latest music video, “The Worst Is Yet To Come,” which also gave us a chance to talk about the concept of humanity being fucked.
on Dec 21, 2018
Summer saw them playing Warped Tour while December saw them touring Europe with Bowling For Soup so it would be fair to say that 2018 was awesome for Not Ur Girlfrenz. We spoke to the band recently to find out more about their favourite bits of the last twelve months.
on Dec 21, 2018
PeerTracks co-founder Cédric Cobban speaks with us about launching a music-streaming service with a business model in which everyone wins, from artist to content-owner to listener.
on Dec 20, 2018
To learn more about the innovative instrumentation and ancient Greek instruments at work on Dead Waves’ new album, God of the Wild, we conducted a Geared Up interview with one-half of the duo, bassist Teddy Panopoulos.
on Dec 19, 2018
Cult radio icon Dr. Demento talks about 2018’s Covered In Punk compilation, working with John Cafiero, “Weird Al” Yankovic and more.
on Dec 18, 2018
In an insightful interview, Yuk Yuk’s CEO and founder Mark Breslin discusses his Order Of Canada appointment, freedom of speech, upcoming projects and much more.
on Dec 17, 2018
Ahead of the January 18th, 2019, release of their new album, The Wicked King: Part II, we chatted with Will Ash, guitarist for the Los Angeles metal quintet, The Crown Remnant, about his gear including a Schecter Hellraiser FR guitar with aftermarket Seymour Duncan 59/SH1 Distortion pickups.
on Dec 17, 2018
AFI guitarist Jade Puget shares his thoughts about the band’s new EP, The Missing Man, plus his dream collaborations, fighting Bob Dylan, and some other fun, random questions.
on Dec 14, 2018
The Scrooged 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack featuring Bill Murray is out now via Paramount and, in commemoration of this special release, we spoke with the film’s co-star Karen Allen.
on Dec 12, 2018
Leading Thai alternative rockers Slot Machine took time out from the studio to talk to us about their new music, the Thai music scene and what 2019 has in store for them.
on Dec 12, 2018
For our new edition of the And Justice For Art series UnCovered, we spoke with Sean Caputi of indie rockers Thundercloud Kid to find out some more about the work and artistry behind the band’s new graphic novel The Charmingly Odd And Oddly Charming Tales Of The Thundercloud Kid.
on Dec 11, 2018
London, Ontario band Texas King asked the questions and Royal Tusk's bassist Sandy MacKinnon and singer Daniel Carriere were nice enough to provide the answers in this special artist-on-artist interview.
on Dec 10, 2018
Lido continues to climb the charts thanks to production work for Chance The Rapper, Jaden Smith, Halsey, and Towkio, among others. We spoke to the artist regarding his road towards stardom and what is next for the accomplished producer.
on Dec 08, 2018
We recently spoke with the keyboardist for legendary prog rock band Yes, Rick Wakeman, about his career, how the music industry has changed in the last 50 years, and his latest album Piano Odyssey.
on Dec 07, 2018
We recently spoke with Swedish doom rock quartet Alastor and lead guitarist Lucy Ferian dished about the band's history and release of their new Riding Easy Records record, Slave to the Grave.
on Dec 06, 2018
Before a recent Toronto date, we took chatted with Mayday Parade guitarist Brooks Betts about the band’s most recent tour and Rise Records release, Sunnyland, playing Canada, and Vans Warped Tour coming to a close.
on Dec 04, 2018
A new deal, new music and a few tour dates to end it all off. 2018 has been a great year for Canterbury rockers Broken Hands as they told us when we spoke to the band recently.
on Dec 01, 2018
We spoke with lead singer and guitarist Jared Schneider of New York’s The Exits for our latest edition of Geared Up to find out more about his Gibson ES-335 and other favourite gear.
on Nov 29, 2018


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