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In the lush green mountains and historical cities of Italy, extraterrestrials crash-landed and formed the gruesome rock band Sick N’ Beautiful. We’ve got an exclusive interview about their origins, music and upcoming UK tour.
on May 17, 2018
Australian rockers, The Bennies are so chill they’re latest album is called Natural Born Chillers. Currently on tour in Europe, we caught up with guitarist Jules to check-in and intelligently wax about... well... beers n’ booze.
on May 16, 2018
Ahead of their upcoming summer North American tour, we spoke with Armored Saint vocalist John Bush about Metal Blade, their rad album Symbol of Salvation, a live DVD and more!
on May 15, 2018
Ahead of the release of their new album, Queen Of Time, through Nuclear Blast on May 18, Esa and Tomi from the band sat down to discuss what was different this time around.
on May 15, 2018
The mighty Sen Dog spoke with us about Powerflo’s self-titled release via New Damage Records, his musical past, the Judgement Night soundtrack, and more!
on May 14, 2018
Speedclaw guitarist Luka Jurisic discusses his band’s recent release, Beast in the Mist, signing to Shadow Kingdom Records, mini-albums, Croatian claws and “the way metal was meant to be.”
on May 11, 2018
In this exclusive video clip, Maurizio Iacono, frontman for death metal titans Kataklysm talks about his ultimate death metal band.
on May 10, 2018
Wolf Hoffmann, guitarist for the German rockers ACCEPT, discussed with us 2017’s 15th studio album, The Rise Of Chaos, as released by Nuclear Blast, living in Nashville, photography and more.
on May 08, 2018
Angel Witch recently issued Seventies Tapes and in celebration thereof have a one-off Toronto show on May 16th! We caught up with guitarist/vocalist Kevin Heybourne to talk demos, metal, and much more.
on May 07, 2018
We talked to Lethal Amounts director Danny Fuentes to discuss, among other things, the legacy of Christian Death vocalist Rozz Williams.
on May 06, 2018
The Long Island band Envy On The Coast is back! We spoke with Ryan Hunter and Brian Byrne about the Ritual EP, their reformation, Instagram, video content and future plans.
on May 05, 2018
If Covenant is the band just getting started, you can be sure that tech-metal has a star in the making with Unprocessed - with no ghilan in sight.
on May 04, 2018
Long-since considered punk rock icons, The Damned guitarist Captain Sensible spoke with us about their new Tony Visconti-produced album, Evil Spirits, smashing stuff, The Offspring, CBGBs & much more.
on May 03, 2018
Zatokrev frontman Frederyk Rotter discusses his band’s gnarly live show, all things noise, the re-release of their self-titled album, and the music scene in Basel, Switzerland.
on May 01, 2018
Ahead of the Britrock Must Be Destroyed tour, we sit down with one of rock music's true legends Ginger Wildheart to take a stroll down memory lane...
on May 01, 2018
Seeing a live SATE show is an opportunity for musical transcendence, that rare feeling one can get when watching something musically unique. We caught up with the artist to talk new music, comics, and so, so much more.
on Apr 30, 2018
How many bands come to mind who would call “painful electrocution” a non-issue when describing their favorite show of a tour? Telepathy are one, and guitarist Rich Powley discusses their relentless touring cycle, and the maelstrom of latest record Tempest.
on Apr 29, 2018
Recently, in Nottingham, we witnessed old-school deathcore mob Osiah lay waste to Rescue Rooms in support of The Faceless, so a chinwag with Sunderland’s finest was in order.
on Apr 28, 2018
We spoke with Geoff Rickly, vocalist for New Brunswick, NJ’s recently-reformed post-hardcore heavies, Thursday, about the band’s reunion, the state of post-hardcore, and new music.
on Apr 27, 2018
Boss Keloid release their new album, Melted On The Inch, this Friday, so we chatted to guitarist Paul Swarbrick about how he captured such a "balls-heavy" tone...
on Apr 26, 2018


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