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New Indie/Folk/Acoustic Downloads

Julia Lambert - “Wild Rose In The City” [Free Song Download]
Kuri - “The Great Orator” [Free Song Download]
Class Photo - “Hard Conversation” [Free Song Download]
Little Slugger - “You’re On Your Own” [Free Song Download]
Will Fox - “Waiting” [Free Song Download]
Grayson Erhard - “Time To Move On” (Acoustic) (feat. Andrea Pares & John Runnels) [Free Song Download]
David Ayscue - “Where We Land” [Free Song Download]
Jon Stancer - “Can’t Get It By You” [Free Song Download]
Masasolo - “You Got That Something” (Radio Edit) [Free Song Download]
Cartoon Lizard - “Neighbouring Hotels” [Free Song Download]
Lick Neon - “My Face Is Hangin’ Low” [Free Song Download]
Hawksley Workman - “Stoners Never Dream” [Free Song Download]
Jon Samuel - “Modern Lovers” [Free Song Download]
Ghost X Gardens - “Concealed Little Weapon” [Free Song Download]
Michael Bernard Fitzgerald - “Rip My Heart Out” [Free Song Download]
Bad Western - “Sainte Something” [Free Song Download]
Henry Chadwick - “Wrong Way” [Free Song Download]
Joseph Tyler - “Race Car” [Free Song Download]
Mercy Flight - “Entropy” [Free Song Download]
Sarah Sharp - “Right Through Me” [Free Song Download]
The Road To Ruin - “All The Things” [Free Song Download]
Declan O’Donovan - “Hank” [Free Song Download]
Danielle Duval - “Lose It” [Free Song Download]
Plutinos - “Falling Away” [Free Song Download]
Greg Rekus - “...But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others” [Free Song Download]


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