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New Metal Downloads

Diabology - "Lost Viking" [Free Song Download]
Gene Single - "Weak" [Free Song Download]
Cranely Gardens - "Seven Faces (ft. Chad Ruhlig)" [Free Song Download]
Descenery - "Stillborn Monolith" [Free Song Download]
JD McGibney - "Leap of Faith" [Free Song Download]
ReEvolution - "Forgotten in Time" [Free Song Download]
Serperus - "Divulge" [Free Song Download]
Destroyer of Light - "The Virgin" [Free Song Download]
Heartlay - "Will It Be Enough" [Free Song Download]
FS Projekt - "Kredo Tvoyo" (Thy Creed) [Free Song Download]
Misanthrope Monarch - "The Brotherhood Of Destruction" [Free Song Download]
Astrarot - "Graves" [Free Song Download]
Unholy Baptism - "Staring Into the Black" [Free Song Download]
Stormhaven - "Exodus Part 1 The Emerging Ghost" [Free Song Download]
Cydemind - "Tree of Tales" [Free Song Download]
Pain Tank - "Barcodes and Byproducts" [Free Song Download]
Diamonds Are Forever - "New Foundations" [Free Song Download]
Mountain God - "Junglenaut" [Free Song Download]
Murkocet - "Dead World" [Free Song Download]
From The Shores - "Primal" [Free Song Download]
Torrefy - "Infinity Complex" [Exclusive Free Song Download]
Kill The Precedent - "Irrational Anthem" [Free Song Download]
Demimonde - "Dark Matter" [Free Song Download]
Omega Diatribe - "Molecular Torsion" (Remastered) [Free Song Download]
ENIME - "Demon Inside" [Free Song Download]


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