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New Metal Downloads

Drenaï - "Beyond the Gate" [Free Song Download]
Encoder - "Weirwood" [Free Song Download]
RISING - "Beautiful Tomorrow" [Free Song Download]
Worst Kept Secret - "Broadway" (Goo Goo Dolls Cover) [Free Song Download]
Red Cain - "Guillotine" (feat. Wolf of Transylvania) [Free Song Download]
Sonus Mortis - "Null And Void" [Free Song Download]
The Chronicles of Israfel - "Violet Empress (Last Love)" [Free Song Download]
Endemise - "Soma" [Free Song Download]
Cotillion - "drummer+available" [Free Song Download]
Medulah - "Amok" [Free Song Download]
Red Cain - "Dead Aeon Requiem" [Free Song Download]
Ophidius - "Seven Thousand Steps" [Free Song Download]
Chiral - "The Gazer" [Free Song Download]
Ortensia - "Libra" [Free Song Download]
Stained Glory - "Beast" [Free Song Download]
Hammerhands - "Largo Forte" [Free Song Download]
In Silent Agony - "Plaguerism" [Free Song Download]
Upon Creation - "In Memory Of" [Free Song Download]
Lung Flower - "Ascend" [Free Song Download]
Illyrian - "Round 2: Fight!" [Free Song Download]
Ruin - "Living in Fear" [Free Song Download]
Tardive Dyskensia - "Thread of Life" [Free Song Download]
The Dreamer Within - "Purge" [Free Song Download]
Forest Wars - "Worship and Slaughter" [Free Song Download]
Maxdmyz - "Grieve" (Radio Edit) [Free Song Download]


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