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New Punk/Hardcore Downloads

Killwave - “Electronic” [Free Song Download]
Fall Flavored - “Character in a Role Play” [Free Song Download]
Krista D - “Land Mine” [Free Song Download]
Stunted - "Crave [Lust]" [Free Song Download]
Old Notes - "Dead Flowers" [Free Song Download]
Spill Your Guts - "Get Impaled" [Free Song Download]
Round Eye - “Nest” [Exclusive Free Song Download]
Citysick - "Leaning" [Free Song Download]
The Holy Gasp - "Beat Wave" [Free Song Download]
King Park - "Grey" [Free Song Download]
Steal Reserve - "Wheel of Justice" [Free Song Download]
The Cryptkeeper Five - "MadDog 20/20 no. 2" [Free Song Download]
MSRY - "Hail Destroyer" (Cancer Bats Cover) [Free Song Download]
ZÖR - "Dead Man's Army" [Free Song Download]
High Signs - "A Much Larger Ocean" [Free Song Download]
The SHAM - "Blackout" [Free Song Download]
The Less Unfortunates - "Washed Away" [Free Song Download]
Rumors of Free Lunch - "On Our Way To Perdition" [Free Song Download]
Least of These - "Cadence" [Free Song Download]
Pseudo - "I've Got No Eggs" [Free Song Download]
This Gun For Hire - "Barn Burner" [Free Song Download]
Hormoans - "Only One" [Free Song Download]
Exploding Head Syndrome - "End Game" [Free Song Download]
Reserving Dirtnaps - "Slip to Dust" [Free Song Download]
Behind Deadlines - "Optimism" [Free Song Download]


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