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ANDREW W.K. Strikes Midtown NYC with One Man Fashion Show

- Dec 14, 2011 at 07:15PM
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Herald Square holiday shoppers were surprised this past weekend by Andrew W.K.'s one man fashion show which broke out in front of the Victoria's Secret megastore. The Party Hard superstar sent out a tweet from @andrewwk before the appearance telling followers to come to the "sidewalk fashion party and get major giveaways." What followed was a two-hour blitz of fans and bottlenecked holiday shoppers meeting with Andrew W.K. and receiving new T-shirts and in some cases booty shorts from his party store.

Speaking on the experience Andrew W.K. commented "It was my gift-giving holiday party. Giving gifts is one of the best parts of partying. Giving gifts on the streets of Manhattan is a natural rush and long-lasting high. We ending up giving away over 100 shirts in all sizes including 20 new designs I created, our classic designs and our new custom designed booty shorts."

The crowd who joined the party was a wide range including Andrew W.K. music aficionados, passerby's who inadvertently walked into eyesight and recognized him, senior citizens curious about the man clad in all white drawing a crowd and even children who watch Andrew W.K.'s Cartoon Network TV show 'Destroy Build Destroy'. Recapping some of the more interesting attendees Andrew W.K. recalls, "One of the highlights was a group of dudes who traveled from Florida to visit New York for the first time ever. They weren't aware of the fashion show but had come to all of my concerts in Orlando since 2003 and just happened to walk across our path. It was like the Party Gods had intervened. Another good one was when a Victoria's Secret staff member came out; I thought she was going to be angry at us for crowding the sidewalk and tell us to leave! But instead, she wanted a T-shirt and a photograph! She was so sweet. And very sexy." Check out the pictures of the event HERE.

For more information, please visit: www.andrewwk.com.
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