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ARCHER: Dreamland - Your Season 8 Preview

- Feb 14, 2017 at 10:26AM
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It’s almost time to dust off the tactleneck, gas up the El Camino full of rampage and restock the Glengoolie Blue because the world’s most dangerous (not so) secret agent is coming back to our screens.

On April 5th, season 8 of Archer will premiere on FXX after making the move from sister channel FX. Titled Archer: Dreamland, the new season will be set in 1940s Hollywood featuring a film noir aesthetic and will follow our loveable rogue as he tries to avenge the death of the hapless Woodhouse.

Even more intriguing is the premise that this all takes place within Archer’s own mind, owing to the fact that we were left in limbo regarding whether or not he was actually alive at the conclusion of the last season. With only 8 episodes ordered, this will be the shortest season so far but fear not, FXX has given the green light for Archer to run to at least a tenth season.

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