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BEHIND CRIMSON EYES Return with New Music and New Message with Latest Track "Stardust"

- Nov 03, 2017 at 02:48PM
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Behind Crimson Eyes have returned with their first new music since 2009 after unveiling their new single "Stardust." The song begins a new chapter of music for the iconic Australian band and with it comes a new phase of strong messages, passion and a desire to inspire change.

"Stardust" makes a case that meaning comes from life itself and not the prospect of an afterlife. Our time and how we spend it should be cherished as it is limited so we should value our relationships that we create and foster and we should savor the moment that we are in because there is no second chance.

To this end, Behind Crimson Eyes will donate 25% of all "Stardust" royalties to cancer.org.au and dementiaresearchfoundation.org.au to try to help people less fortunate live more fulfilling lives.

The band returned to the stage earlier this year, touring Australia with Alexisonfire. The lineup of the band now includes, Josh Stuart - Vocals, Aaron Schultz - Guitar / BV's, Garth Buchanan - Bass, Dan Kerby - Drums and Liam Hennesy - Guitar.

In making a statement about their new era, Behind Crimson Eyes stated; "It's been eleven years since we released A Revelation for Despair, and nine years since we released (our) self-tiled (record). It's over this period we realized just how fleeting and precious the time we have on this earth is. With that in mind, we decided that Behind Crimson Eyes should serve to inspire people to make a positive impact on the world; to improve the happiness and well-being for everyone, now, and in the future. 'Stardust' marks a new beginning for Behind Crimson Eyes; one of purpose and ambition. We believe this will be the most important and heaviest music we have ever written."

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