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Brutally Delicious Productions Presents METAL MISSIONARIES: The Documentary

- May 24, 2017 at 07:47PM
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Metal Missionaries brings you into conversations with some of Christian music’s most extreme artists, so you can get a firsthand feel for the scene and answer some questions or doubts for yourself.

This film is the first full-length documentary about the Extreme Christian Metal scene and includes in-depth interviews with Extreme Christian Metalers like, Fit For A King, Frost Like Ashes, Vials Of Wrath, and many more. In addition, you will find interviews with musicians such as Samael, Goatwhore, Dawn Of Ashes, and more who have chosen the opposite path and hear what they have to say about the scene.

Along the way you’ll see that although their music may be aggressive and they may not look like Christians, their hearts burst with the Holy Spirit. They don’t need a label or a collar to know who they are; they are missionaries who take their faith not into the deepest reaches of the jungle but into dim, dirty rock clubs and dusty music festivals night after night to wash the crowds clad in black t-shirts and denim in a sonic flood of God’s unfailing love for them.

Curiously enough, there might be enough similarities to refute the fact that these two ideas cannot coexist within the same universe. Death, pain, and suffering are all themes that metal musicians embrace, while Christianity was formed on the basis of its original followers being persecuted and killed for following a savior who gave his blood and died for our sins. So which is it? Do Christianity and heavy metal mix together like oil and water? Or is Christianity as metal as it gets?

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