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Canadian Black Metal Heathens PANZERFAUST Flip Van, Survive Epic Crash, and Need Your Help!

- Nov 29, 2017 at 10:55PM
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Toronto, Canada's black metal wrecking crew Panzerfaust have long since proclaimed that "THIS IS NOT A FUCKING SAFE SPACE." Well, they seem to have proven their Facebook "About" true with their recent scare. The band are, or were, currently touring Canada with Belphegor when they suffered an epic van crash. Thankfully, everyone survived. The band shared a note on their socials and are now in need of your kindness to get them back on the road, so to speak.

The band commented as follows:

Today we narrowly avoided a swift visit from the angel of death. While driving through the Northern pass from Vancouver to Edmonton we hit black ice - spiralling us into the frozen creek below. Despite being pinned beneath the crushed vehicle, submerged in the frigid water, we managed to crawl from the wreckage; all of us relatively unscathed. Be that as it may, much of our gear and merchandise has been destroyed, and we have been informed that insurance will cover none of it.

Needless to say, our performance in Regina will have to be cancelled. We have every intention of finishing the tour, however, some tremendous financial burdens stand in our way. We humbly ask anyone that can assist us financially in any way to help us see this campaign through. Anything helps, and we would be indebted to you. One way or another, Panzerfaust has every intention of spearheading forward, as our dignity demands it of us.

Donations can be sent via Paypal to brock.panzer@gmail.com.

Check out the song "God’s Gonna Cut You Down (Johnny Cash Cover)"

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