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DAMNED SPRING FRAGRANTIA Announce Debut Album 'Divergences'

- May 09, 2013 at 07:28PM
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From deep within the northern city of Parma, Italy, a sleeping monster is poised to awaken on 24th June 2013, when Damned Spring Fragrantia release their vociferous debut record 'Divergences' via Basick Records. Intense, unrelenting and outright savage, 'Divergences' features 10 chaotic tracks, as well as a tasty guest spot from Heart in Hand vocalist, Charlie Holmes.

Whilst Damned Spring Fragrantia’s sheer stylistic brutality owes heavy nods to both The Acacia Strain and Despised Icon, the band manages to fuse the staple sound of Meshuggah with more progressive and math elements, mixing it up with a Hardcore swagger to take technical metal and crushing grooves to a whole new level.

"We try to go beyond our influences and we hope people will think that our music is something fresh and mature, the result of a writing refinement which has progressed over the years," comments vocalist Nicolo Carrara. "On the other hand the album themes are quite basic: they start from a bunch of ideas, such as madness, personal struggles, and evolve as a stream of consciousness. There are no precise subjects, but a flow of impressions and random thoughts. We feel absolutely free when we write new songs and don’t know where the music will carry us!"

'Divergences' Track Listing:

01. Still Alive
02. A Common Tragedy
03. The Obsidian Fate
04. D.M.Z
05. Pariah
06. Lost Shores
07. Drowned in Cyan
08. Divergences
09. The Refusal Effect
10. Heritage

For more information, please visit: www.facebook.com/damnedspringfragrantia.

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