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DARK HOUND Announce the new 'Dawning' on January 19th; Release First Stream for "The Ashes of Your Worth"

- Nov 22, 2017 at 12:30PM
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Nashville, Tennessee is homebase for heavy metal quartet Dark Hound who have announced that they will be releasing their new album Dawning on January 19th. To give you a preview of the album, the band has released a new track called "The Ashes of Your Worth" which you can check out below.

Dark Hound had a massive debut in 2015 with their EP Oceans which was preceded by their 2014 self-titled record. They have pulled out all of the stops with Dawning, which finds Dark Hound expanding their musical palette and drawing from the likes of Megadeth, Iron Maiden and Testament without falling victim to just mimicking the classics. Dawning features compelling songs that are in a way familiar, yet refreshing and also unique. If you had to put it simply, you could say that Dark Hound have crafted a well-written, muscular American metal album that is a definite listen.

Dawning Track Listing:

01. The Ashes of Your Worth
02. Guilt Tripper
03. Carnival of Youth
04. The Answer
05. Crisis of Hope
06. Thrown to the Wolves
07. Stripped Away
08. Balancing Act
09. The Jagged Edge
10. Thrashgasm
11. Here Lies Truth

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