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DAYS OF THE DEAD FEST Offering FREE Digital Sampler 'The Moshing Dead Vol. 1'

- Oct 10, 2017 at 12:47PM
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Red Deer, Alberta's Days of the Dead Festival, taking place from October 26th to 29th, is now offering all handbangers a free digital sampler called The Moshing Dead Vol. 1. The sampler contains tracks from bands that are appearing on this year's lineup. To download the sampler, visit the link below!

The unique event was founded by Shadows Productions in 2014 and is essentially a heavy metal costume party festival. The festival celebrates the heavy sounds of metal, punk and hardcore along with the ritual of transforming yourself into another character during Halloween weekend.

Now in its fourth year, the three-day event is for both heavy music fans and Halloween freaks. 2017's fest will feature over 30 bands during the October 27th to 28th event at The Vat for the 18+ shows, plus and all-ages event on the 29th at the International Beer Haus.

For more information and to download the sampler, please visit: www.daysofthedeadreddeer.bandcamp.com/album/the-moshing-dead-vol-1.

Thursday, October 26th at The Vat Pub:

Hunted By Ravens (Red Deer, AB)
Transitions (Red Deer, AB)
Liandra (Red Deer, AB)
Decrepitation (Edmonton, AB)
TerraGanja (Red Deer, AB)
Silverthorn (Red Deer, AB)

Friday, October 27th at The Vat Pub:

West of Hell (Vancouver, BC)
Anchoress (Vancouver, BC)
Pridelands (Red Deer, AB)
Kyoktys (Calgary, AB)
Votov (Winnipeg, MB)
Earth's Ashes (Red Deer, AB)
Grizzly Hawk (Humboldt, SK)
Follow The Sorrow (Red Deer, AB)
Spurn (Calgary, AB)
Killed By The Nine (Red Deer, AB)

Saturday October 28th at The Vat Pub:

Ninjaspy (Vancouver, BC)
WAKE (Calgary, AB)
Without Mercy (Vancouver, BC)
Tyler Dory Trio (Edmonton, AB)
Leave The Living (Red Deer, AB)
Dead 3 Days (Oshawa, ON)
The Dead Sexy (Oshawa, ON)
The Myopia Condition (Red Deer, AB)
A Scar For The Wicked (Ottawa, ON)
Wives Tail (Red Deer, AB)

Sunday, October 29th at The International Beer Haus:
***ALL AGES***

Dusty Tucker (Red Deer, AB)
Ninjaspy (Vancouver, BC)
Shotgunner (Edmonton, AB)
Black Friday (Edmonton, AB)
Exit Strategy (Calgary, AB)
Hammerdrone (Calgary, AB)
DropDeadFred (Kelowna, BC)
Fück Nazi (Red Deer, AB)
In Ruin (Saskatoon, SK)
Skeptal (Red Deer, AB)
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