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Edmonton's SLATES Announce New Album Summery for May 19th; Release New Video

- Apr 02, 2017 at 02:54PM
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Edmonton punk band Slates have announced that they will release their latest album Summery on May 19th through New Damage Records in Canada.

Summery was again recorded on analog tape with noted engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Stooges) in an attempt to capture the raw intensity and authenticity of their previous release, 2013's Taiga. The band again worked with Albini, this time at Edmonton's Homestead Records. Working together a second time allowed both Albini and the band to settle comfotably into their roles with both knowing what to expect from each other. This made the recording process easier and alloweed for more musical experimentation.

The eleven new songs on Summery illustrate a band with a deeper, more mature sound, influenced by birth and death in the group's extended family. "Our latest record was recorded in the aftermath of some pretty sudden and bleak shit," comments lyricist and vocalist James Stewart. "It was time to find a light in the storm, and to head towards it. ‘I'm ready for summer’ is the lyric that defines this record. I want to sing about life lived, and the love of those close to me, especially when facing loss and grief."

In support of their new LP, look for Slates to be out on tour this spring and throughout the summer.

Summery Track Listing:

01. Yellowknife
02. /
03. Sub-optimal
04. Coyotes II
05. //
06. Summery
07. New Day
08. Coyotes
09. ///
10. The Stranger
11. Orange Light

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