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Get Ready for WHITE WIZZARD to "Storm The Shores" with New Album 'Infernal Overdrive"

- Nov 30, 2017 at 08:42AM
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American metal band White Wizzard has finally revealed additional details regarding their long-anticipated new album. Earlier this year, it was announced that classic band members, singer Wyatt "Screaming Demon" Anderson and guitarist James J. LaRue would be returning to the fold. Set for a January 12th release, the album will be titled Infernal Overdrive and is White Wizzard's fourth full-length record. It will contain over one hour of new music and contain all of the classic elements of the band's past work, but also expand on that. The band has certainly matured over the years, as well as their musicianship. Also expect to hear a wider span of influences, including '70s hard rock and progressive rock and metal.

"We’re very excited to FINALLY release the official artwork and title for our new album, Infernal Overdrive. Despite madness and delays we’ve persevered through hard work and determination and this album has finally come to be," commented Jon Leon. "This is, in everyone’s opinion, a special album and what we feel is our best work to date. It has a lot of dynamics and amazing vocals by Wyatt with stunning lead guitar by James J. LaRue."

White Wizzard has also revealed the lyric video for "Storm The Shores" which you can view below! Commenting on the song, the band said, "The song and video is a tribute to military personal and those that have fought and died for the ideals of peace and freedom all around the world. White Wizzard in no way is making any political statement with this song and video - it is simply a tribute to the men and women that have served and died in combat."

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