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KIT WALKER Release Online Computer Game to Go Along with Release of New Single "Mr. Wright"

- Oct 17, 2017 at 10:25AM
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Dance rockers Kit Walker have released a cool, new online retro computer game called "Kit Walker Save The World" to go along with the release of their second single "Mr. Wright." In the game, you must battle "Slime On Cowell" and his posse of putrid people: Mylie Virus, Ronald Dump, Justin Creeper, Jeremy Vile and Kanye West in order to rid the world of the bad taste virus! Save the members of Kit Walker now by fighting off "Slime-On" and his greatest weakness DJ Ent Metal! A new level of the game will be released after every single. To play the game, head to the following link:

To play the game, head to the following link: centauri.itch.io/kit-walker.

As mentioned above, Kit Walker have also released the new track "Mr. Wright," featuring the band's powerful melodies and intelligent lyrics. Commenting on the track, the band said, "Mr Wright' was one of the first tracks we wrote. In order to find Kit Walker's sound we all took a week out and stayed in the most incredible house in Sandbanks (next door to Harry Redknapp). Think MTV cribs and picture incredible sunsets, seagulls, yatchs, a mountain of LPs and a plethora of whiskey.

To get the ball rolling we individually brought with us a stack of our favourite albums. Before putting pen to paper we broke out the record player, sunk a gallon of beers, smoked cigars and talked about our favourite artists. We were essentially wiping the slate clean as we'd been playing in bands for years. This was a real screening process to find what music we all equally loved and it became clear that our passion for the 80s was undeniable. We picked our favourite artists (e.g., Peter Gabriel, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins) and got to work.

Mr Wright is a song written to 'the next guy.' When you've left someone you love, this is the advice you pass onto the next person in order for them to know her little idiosyncrasies and how lucky they are to have her. Mr Wright is essentially a play on 'Mr Right."

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