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Master Instrumentalist KEVIN GOODWIN Releases New Video "CombatiKa" for Memorial Day Weekend

- May 26, 2017 at 02:15PM
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Kevin Goodwin is paying tribute to the armed forces this Memorial Day Weekend with his new single "CombatiKa." The song is a Djent-metal style acoustic guitar track that showcases Goodwin's outrageous skills.

Goodwin commented, "My background is metal and I’m heavily influenced by electric players like Tosin Abasi, but then I looked at New Age acoustic fingerstyle, people like Michael Hedges, and by blending those things I developed my style." Those influences are evident both in how he plays acoustic and electric guitar.

"CombatiKa" highlights Goodwin's formidable talents and strength as a musician. "It’s all straight guitar," Goodwin says. "What you hear is just me playing. There aren’t any effects except some reverb. No loops or anything like that. I play all parts at once. People who are not familiar with fingerstyle guitar techniques think that I am playing on top of tracks. When questioned, I simply lead them to links of me playing 'CombatiKa' live."

The music video for the track is just as impressive as Goodwin's guitar playing, with sweeping aerial shots of Goodwin playing guitar on massive sand dunes interspersed with close-ups and footage of troops in desert warfare. "CombatiKa" shows that Goodwin is someone who's arrived as one of today's top instrumentalists. His upcoming electric guitar album Dissonance will be released in 2018, along with its acoustic companion called Resonance.

"I call them my bipolar albums," Goodwin says. "Dissonance, the electric album will come out first and includes collaboration projects with notable talents including Felix Martin (16-string guitar prodigy), Quist (QuistJam and lead guitar player for Bryan Ferry), Jake Hertzog (winner of the prestigious MontreauxJazz Festival), and Shayley Bourget (of ‘DayShell’ and former lead singer for ‘Of Mice and Men’). Its companion, Resonance, will showcase solo acoustic guitar, including 'CombatiKa.' Equally important are the album’s cinematic (music video) movies that accompanies both albums."

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