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Punk Play 'HARD CORE LOGO: LIVE' Runs from March 9-26th at Toronto's The Cave

- Feb 28, 2017 at 06:36PM
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Hard Core Logo: Live is simply put, a punk rock musical. The production is being put on by BFL Theatre Company and runs from March 9 to 26th, 2017. The play will be held at The Cave just above Lee’s Palace.

So, what is Hard Core Logo: Live? Well, it's the story of Hard Core Logo, a defunct punk group from Vancouver, BC, that reunited for one last Canadian tour. The BFL Theatre Company will whisk the audience "...through cramped back rooms, malodorous dive bars, and dingy roadside rest stops right to the shocking finale of their larger-than-life story."

Hard Core Logo: Live is directed by Canadian theatre artist Ron Jenkins and stars Al Nolan (of Toronto legends Almighty Trigger Happy), Andrew Flemming, Michael Dufeys, Thomas Scott and Jennifer Walls.

The play, which is also a punk show, was adapted for the stage by Michael Scholar Jr. from the acclaimed 1996 "rockumentary" film directed by Bruce McDonald with screenplay written by Noel S. Baker, and the cult novel written by Michael Turner that inspired it. This production also contains new songs written by Vancouver punk troubadour Joe "Shithead" Kiethley of still-living legends D.O.A., with lyrics by Michael Turner.

For tickets, show info, and other details, please visit: www.hardcorelogolive.com.
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