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PURPLE Live Stream Entire New Album 'Bodacious' from Zodiac Studios on March 15, 2016 at 11:45pm CST

- Mar 15, 2016 at 02:32PM
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The Skinny: Today at 11:45am CT the gritty Texas trio, Purple, will be performing their entire new LP, Bodacious, from Zodiac Studios, and they'll be streaming globally online!

The new LP, Bodacious, proudly retains the venomous, strident tone established on their debut release, (409), and takes a dive into high-adrenaline fueled pop rock. It kicks off like a gun-shot with the volatile "Backbone," leaping between the abrasive shouts of the refrain, and the funky, fluid pop melody of the verse. Midway through, "Pretty Mouth" slides the record into an funky reggae-influenced resonance. As Bodacious nears its end, Purple bust out their fuzz-rock chops on "Geniva" to deliver a grimy catchy melody over fat, distorted guitars, setting the album up for its high-octane finish.

The single "Bliss" was selected as part of the Austin 100, NPR’s prestigiously-screened mix tape, whittled down from thousands of artists from around the world headed to SXSW into an even hundred discoveries and highlights across genres. The band will play 11 shows during the 5-day event. Purple’s SXSW dates can be found in full below.

Show Dates:

03/15 - Guero’s Taco Bar (5:45pm)
03/17 - Red Bull Sound Select – SXSW Austin, TX (3pm)
03/17 - Doc’s Motorworks – SXSW Austin, TX (5pm)
03/17 - Guero’s Taco Bar (5:45pm)
03/17 - Lucky Lounge – SXSW Austin, TX (8pm)
03/18 - Stay Gold – SXSW Austin, TX (1pm)
03/18 - Carousel Lounge – SXSW Austin, TX (8pm)
03/19 - The Firehouse Hostel – SXSW Austin, TX (5pm)

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